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  1. Compensation For Solak Soul Upgrade Bug

    i'm with you a 100%, the fact that there was no clue giving to anyone about the Solak Soul being upgradeable on any of the patch streams, the forums, or even the patch notes, made a lot of people upgrade the Hongmoon Energy Stage 1, and just threw away the Solak Soul, so for them to say a week later "ohh it was a bug and you can now upgrade it to stage 4", and not compensation the people that already lost gold and materials upgrading from stage 1 to 4+, is complete BS.
  2. EU maintenances.

    So EU maintenance 8 hours and counting, im not even angry anymore im just sad now.
  3. game will be sold?

    dude if thats true, i will quit this game once and for all, no matter how bad ncsoft is at handling this game, gameforge will fk it up even worst, same goes for my.com... poor Revelation online, you had so much potential :(