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  1. Daily Dash

    I understand I'ts more fair this way but people that are playing every day should be gifted anyways. I really apreciate this free stuff for all but for the people who already completed doesn't make sense, I mean, really having to wait half month to spin again? -_- The daily dash is like daily gift and once you have completed it you don't get anything more.
  2. Daily Dash

    My question if why you can't spin again when you already completed it? I completed all de daily dash 3 days ago and still have to wait 13 more days to begin the dash again... No sense at all.
  3. Thank you for the notice. I want Warlock so bad though.
  4. New content arriving feb 10th, questions.

    So... Is Warlock coming with this patch or with the next one?
  5. Premium Members - Question for you...

    Sometimes Windrest queue is like this It really depends of the time, most of the time I don't have to wait or 10m max.
  6. Let us transfer from Windrest please.

    They didn't preserve the level, either any gained item or character progression, they only refunded the pack and Ncoins applied to the character and transfered the name to the new character from the server that you wanted to.
  7. Let us transfer from Windrest please.

    They moved the name and master pack, not the character itself
  8. Show off your characters!!

    Windrest premium queue... -_-
  9. Remove the bid system.

    omg, stop crying, this system is good.
  10. Free server transfer may be the solution.
  11. Bid Dungeon System

    If you need some item, do again the dungeon, if you don't need, do the dungeon and be rich.
  12. These days is normal to be these maintenance times, probably in the future will be only weekly maintenance.
  13. People acting superior

    "Shut up plebs", jokes aside. People do these things because they consider themselves elite, because they paid and playing since headstart, I did too but that's not a reason for being an as*** Anyways there are people who came from asian's servers and people who played the betas and know how all works, so the unique reason(if there is) is because they know about the game more than you. Said that, there are 2 types of people, the ones who help new players and don't mind to teach, and the ones who consider themselves the elite and act superior. I recommend you to just ignore the 2nd type and just enjoy the game because this is a game, and not real life, so you don't have to deal with them. Also the chat is full of trolls and gold spammers so take care about that too. Have a nice day!
  14. The server with the most "spaniards" is Windrest.
  15. You can mail to another char to send the outfits, that is good, but he thing that pissed me off is that if you choose a class skin you can choose another, and the thing that really made me mad is that if you revert the skin, you loose the 130€ founder pack unique skin, ggwp NCsoft. I don't care about the skin, I like it, but ok, it's gone, like all the skins if you wan't to change your weapon's skin but really you gonna make all players loose FOREVER an unique skin that was incluided in the master pack? Really?