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  1. I met a guy from your specy 10 mins ago. Particulary hatefull and disgusting. Cried all the time for being the most geared and went afk on the last boss because we were all "balefuls". Hmm I hope guys like yourself meets a car on their road someday...
  2. Let's talk about Gun'ult.... o.o
  3. And more this game get patched, more it is laggy ... It is insane how any other game run perfectly fine, but BNS is a pain to load... And there is loading screens E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.
  4. So you can report anyone you want just because you don't like their name, or they're loading too slowly for you, or they didn't want to let the item you wanted, or they made a mistake against a boss etc etc...
  5. I've seen it at my second run with my clanies and one got it for 400 go... xd
  6. Yes please.... It was already a pain but now with login rewards it's .... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. A waste of time....
  7. Ou alors tu gagnes 5 tali d'XP 1 million et tu gardes tes compos et tes po. :D
  8. Gunner only has its DPS to make its way. Summ is not supposed to make damages like Gunner cause it already heals, rez, stealth, tank, shield etc.... You can't have EVERYTHING! Or give Gunner a broken buff like Warlock and Sin/KFM, Heal and rez ability like Summ and SF, stealth like Summ and Sin, group shield like Summ, FM, Des, BM, BD, Veil like Summ, Sin and FM, Grab like BD and Des etc... Because actually, all Gunner has is Reset and DPS. You wanna nerf its DPS ? Then give it something to compensate.
  9. I was ready to spend my money. Ncsoft still managed to fail at that... XD
  10. Gunner is a pure DPS. It's logic its DPS it higher than heal or tank class... You can't be that stupid and cry because your summ does less dmg than gunner right ???
  11. Make a boss like the Wyrm to be defeated to get boxes (not about DPS but hit like Longui pls......) as an event. Put quests like Valentin events, but more interesting and fun to play. Put mini-games, like hide and seek with a pnj that gives stuffs. Where ppl can give its location in faction. And the faction who get the more points win something. Make Servers wars were the server that gets the more points in a dungeon/area boss event win something. Possibilities are infinite. Only your will has an end....
  12. C'est du légendaire, ça tombe pas tout cuit. Et ça a été énormément simplifié. Si ça te dégoute à ce point là change de jeu. T'es censé t'amuser pas souffrir lel.
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