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  1. Im having the same problem, but i think severs are up so, wtf? i mean... dude i couldnt play cb3 e now having another problem in the cb4 --''
  2. just wait, will take some time but it will download, problem is... after that the game crash after it opens =/ Ps.: try to repair files
  3. Crash in Character Lobby screen

    same here
  4. "Failed to conecto to sever!"

    I go all the way to log in the game but when it starts im getting this: what to do? every time i open the game i got the same file downloading: are you guys getting this damn problem?
  5. Problem to launch worked \o\ finally
  6. Problem to launch

    i did that, didnt work the launcher get installed but i cant open it, i read in a forum to download the game from torrent then paste it in the folder, but nothing happened i dunno what else to do BTW, my pc is 64bits, is that a problem? you send me a 32bits C++ I got an ideia, seems like the launcher try to install the proper C++, i just read about it, so im going to uninstall it and let the launcher install his own C++ ill let you know if that solve the problem Still got the error
  7. Problem to launch

    1- i opened the folder and launched the instaler 2- installed all the game to the end of the process then i got
  8. Problem to launch

    ill reinstall and send give me a sec ill print everything that pops!
  9. Problem to launch

    4 times
  10. Problem to launch

    When i try to use the launcher i get this : "Argument Invalid!", also getting this when i start my pc the and the autostart run... (C:\Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher) there im trying to open NCUpdateHelper.exe I tryed to open NCLauncher.exe there but i got a error E03001, i looked for this error they say something about trying to open the launcher in my "C" disk so i tryed to let it open when the Pc started, then i got the "Argument Invalid!" again... What should i do?