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  1. Could I get your opinion...

    thank you that site did help me make up my mind,now im just stuck at the charecter creator trying to choose a hairstyle they all look so bad v.v
  2. Could I get your opinion...

    yea sorry i ment to say costumes im used to guild wars 2.I've always played female toons but for some reason females in this game look a bit weird to me so thx for the advice.
  3. Could I get your opinion...

    I'm gonna make a new toon soon ,and wanted to know If you guys think armor looks better on male or female toons?
  4. has this game gotten better?still bots?

    maybe ill give it another chance when they add in that one class
  5. has this game gotten better?still bots?

    sorry if i don't feel like spending 3 hours trying to complete a quest that says kill 6 of these minions when there is 15+ bots farming the same location
  6. has this game gotten better?still bots?

    so basically not worth playing again?
  7. has this game gotten better?still bots?

    ok 1 it seems as if your complaining about the game being to hard,its a mmo not a fps its suppose to be hard to level up and get the best gear. 2 most players dont group up for petty green dungeons. I for one can solo those dungeons with ease.The only dungeons i ever needed a party with was the purple ones,so stop bitching about how hard the game is.I'm glad there actually making it harder to get gear considering how easy it was to get everything when the game first came out.
  8. has this game gotten better?still bots?

    i played this game alot in the beta and i loved it in the beta there was no bots.If you were there that first week you would have quit too cause you couldnt do anything you couldnt even complete one easy quest cause of all the bots that was farming.It was sugested to me to quit the game for a few months so the admins could fix the problem cause i wasnt gonna attempt to play a game like that especially with at the time idk if they still have this que time just to log in,it took nearly 2 hours just to log in.I loved this game it has one of the best combat systems I've played so far but with all that i mention made the game impossible.I made this post in hope that things gotten better so i can enjoy the game like i had in the beta.
  9. hello everyone.I played this game the first week it came out and as you all know it was unplayable with all the bots,so i stopped playing after that and was curious if the bot situation has gotten better? are there still a ton of bots camping all the monster spawns and stuff? can we actually talk in chat yet? so just wanted to know if this game is playable and got any better since the last time i played thx for your time
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    well I'm glad they finally added a system like that in,but it could last more then 2 minutes,but better then nothing
  11. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    what i dont understand is why there isnt a system that restricts you from typing if you spam in chat.
  12. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    that is sad to hear.I'm not likely to come back till the game gets better intill then I can only hope it does
  13. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Hey guys,i took a 3 day break from this game has it improved yet with the bots or ques?
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    when the game first came out i was so excited and played it 2 days none stop,I've been waiting for the game to come out for months now,but the fact that i have to wait nearly 1 hour just to log in and then when i do log in i have to put up with bots in nearly every mob spawn killing all the mobs and then i cant even talk in zone or faction chat cause there spamming.I feel a bit defeated and just cant put up with these things i found myself not even wanting to log in anymore i love the game but if ncsoft doesn't fix these things im gonna have to say goodbye to it. I would have rather pay a 1 time fee to buy the game then put up with all these problem cause its a free to play.
  15. Too many bot players

    i agree entirely there is definitely ways to get rid of them.Guild wars 2 is another mmo that i play and i will admit there is bots in that game but i'll run into one like maybe once a month if even and anet does ban waves on bots constantly.I would have hoped to see something like that in this game aswell.