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  1. Playing vs KFM in arena Just barely winning against someone in pvp When you realize tomorrow's patch day
  2. AFAIK there won't be a leveling event like we had with the WL, just the exp event.
  3. I love it <3! Tho, their party utility is quite shit compared to other classes, I'm hoping that they'll improve on that part :X
  4. HYPE! Finally, after all this time spent waiting~
  5. Server merges don't bring them money, but server transfers do :^)
  6. I'm pretty sure they confirmed that the maximum amount of slots will always be increased when a new class comes out.
  7. BM is for tanking, BD is DPS.
  8. When you realize there's only 5 days left till SF
  9. They will eventually return, but remember this game has a lot of cosmetics, so it'll probably take quite a while for them to return.
  10. We'll be getting more swimsuits later :)
  11. Damn those are good looking. Especially the 3rd one~
  12. If you enjoy the game, yes. Just be prepared to grind a lot.
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