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  1. Also, if may I add onto this. After the Awakening Patch the Simple Mode for Blade Dancer is not working properly. In the tooltip of Simple Mode in Thundering Blade way it says Flicker ->Lightning Flash. However the animation goes Flicker ->Flicker->Lightning Flash. It's one too many flicker skills going off than it supposed with Simple Mode. I've made a ticket regarding this, however was wondering if you're having same issue.
  2. Like what the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, seriously? Can't you even check your patches correctly? Every patch brings bugs. Every patch brings misinformation. "internal testing" my ass. If you were to test and KNOW your game, you wouldn't have to make "Known Issues" post all over again. Pathetic.
  3. Wait. How can you even create a level 50 character without having a character voucher boost? I just tried creating one and it says I need a voucher beforehand. Also, what is that trial thing he's talking about O_o
  4. Check under "J" if you have the quests selected, also, sending a screenshot of your quest log would help knowing what might be the problem.
  5. Oh, didn't notice the blade call icon. The flash step animation is so similar to BDs tho... -_-
  6. My dear friend, could you remind me what kind of items those were and at which wheel can i swap them for the scrolls? It's been bugging me for so long and I couldn't find an answer for that! (:
  7. Just use BNS buddy till UE4 releases. Simpliest choice to be honest, will save you a lot of trouble.
  8. Hey Ignore what I'll write just in case you've done that. Have you tried changing web browser? It may sound dumb, but for whatever reason you can't create a support ticket, try first with that. Also, when ever I try to create a ticket I Log in -> click Support Icon -> click Create Ticket -> Proceed.
  9. It got fixed. That's why the mechanics are back. IMHO it was unintentional for them to disappeare, made no sense to remove them. I'm glad they are back.
  10. For your information, that's not a ping issue. That's called having better PC. The faster PC set up you have combined with SSD makes you load much faster than a regular HDD user. So by your logic, are we going to discriminate and bash on people who have more money to spend on their PC, just because for you it's unfair? However I somehow agree, server sided skills are a mess...
  11. Those that say most PC users are at fault, aren't entirely wrong, but are missing the point. The game has poor optimalization which causes "incompatibility" with many PCs. The point of a good game coding is that it works with various set ups. BnS has this exact problem. It doesn't work with them, causing errors, crashes and freezes ( I get random shut downs and error i.e "this app is not responding"). So yea, in order for the game not to crash, is not having a different PC, it's to code the game correctly so it works with various PCs.
  12. Heya. In regards to the announcement of Battleground changes on Sundays, I'd like to voice my objection towards this idea! The randomness during that day was a great incentive to play throughout the day on every map, which, for me, was a great concept. With the removal of this option, it's going to be very stall during whole week. Please, if you feel the same way as me, speak up. Let's see how NC listens to their players. Cheers!
  13. Ah yeah, just did cold storage cause it seemed odd to me. 100 Freezing orbs for 1 Demonspirit Stone. Derp.
  14. Wait, I'm confused. I have a lot of demonspirit stones left, are you saying that they are impossible to drop in-game anymore? So what if everyone in the game loses their demonspirit stones (either transmuting or just deleting), then noone will be able to make oils? What the actual ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤?
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