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  1. Why everyone is crying, I guess whos crying is hackers cheators, macros.. play without Your stupid mouse macros. WTFAST is working for me , and all is fine, so Im happy that they are trying to stop that shit hackers and macros..
  2. Ohh , but we live now and here..:D so need to do what we have :D we will not get soon this patch... so.. i ll go now to try again get my hairs heheh:D
  3. well yes as i told i cry all time when killing them xDD but i will get this fk hairs style..:D even if i need to make 200runs :DDDDDDD and it will be very sad, when if i get it after 200runs.. they add it to shop... i will delete this game ahah:D
  4. Hmm maybe you made not much runs in bsh4 or y cant do this, thats why y want it in shop... but i want be exclusive when i will get that:)) i dont liek when half of the game is runing with same outfit or hairs style :P...players work hard at bsh4.. so its must be unicue items..
  5. Yea, if they will put to shop that who is so rare... lol.. so why the hell i m not sleeping and runing and again runing this dunegone.. and always after killing twins i cry and cry :DDD so hard oh my god:)
  6. I Agree too with this post, made 66 runs on bsh4.. saw 5skill books... and thats it.. i need hair style.. i m so tired of this dungeon.. and still never saw that hair style... only blue weapon boxes... its OMG! maybe y should make some event with double drop for bsh4... i dont know.. if you will add hair style in shop i will kill y :D (joke ofcs-but it will be very sad-bcs 66runs still not droped hairs)
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