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  1. Afraid to make a Warlock

    Uff some ppl really misunderstood me.. i dont want an op class but i want to know if rumors are true that this class has almost no chance at becoming anything over gold rang even if u some skill... currently most pro pvpers dropped the class for pve only and i do want to pvp abit... but a class that is dead nerfed would just be frustrating
  2. Afraid to make a Warlock

    I love the style and gameplay of the class and i already played it on other servers but with the new nerfs i already heard rlly bad news. I love doing pvp but currently it seems the class will be rlly hard to play and while i dont dislike it some ppl tell me that the class is currently worthless pvp wise.... anyone already played a warlock with the new patch pvp wise? In Gold+ rang? Can u even win against ppl in diamon?
  3. Would be nice if i could make my KFM Gon female to male. And even better if i could get a Male Jin.
  4. Ich bin so schon wirklich schlecht gelaunt durch nicht funktionierenden Markt und 500 Goldseller die Sekunde. Aber das ich jetzt nichtmal mehr in Brightstone Ruins rein kann und jedes mal zurück in den CharakterScreen gekickt werde und dann nochmal in der Queue von 20 minuten warten muss gibt mir jetzt echt den Rest. Was zur Hölle ist bei euch eigentlich los? Das Game versagt total. Hattet ihr nicht betas und feedback? Wurdet ihr nicht wegen Goldsellern gewarnt?....
  5. I got kicked back to character screen when my group entered the dungeon and had to restart queue ... Seriously the queue is just utter bs... so annyoing to deal with 30min wait time because of a dc or whatever.
  6. Why do i even get kicked after 20 minutes waiting time only because im 10 minutes away? This is ridiculous when i leave my queue going and do something else only to find myself back in character screen after i come back. Revert that back please. Premium user shouldn't be kicked out of game at all.
  7. Well ^title ... Would love a timer for Name Reservation, Headstart, Launch but i have no clue how to make one.
  8. Hey Leuts, Mein Internet hat permanent 13% Package Loss was oft dazu führt das ich ingame Spikes habe. Macht natürlich keinen Spaß aber die von o2 bzw ihr Partnerunternehmen telefonica haben kein Interesse da was zu machen und trotz Beweise sind die Leitungen einwandfrei und es gibt nichts zu bemängeln. Naja für mich heißt das Anbieter wechseln und ich würd euch grad bitten mir vllt ein Pingplotter Bild zu posten + euren Anbieter damit ich das Spiel auch "Lagg frei" genießen kann. Preferiert Leute aus der Umgebung Pforzheim/Karlsruhe. Von o2 würd ich euch außerdem abraten! Mein Resultat aus Pingplotter:
  9. Blade and Soul ||What to keep, What to change :)

    He had it but there are reasons why it was changed. Balance issues so i don't think that will come back.
  10. Does anyone else get some lag moments?

    Already the 105th thread ^^ comon guys use the search function or just look at the first site of bugs
  11. Funny here i am sitting with 1680 rank in gold and can't beat a single sin/destroyer as a lmb anymore. Just what the hell? xD Sin can negate sooo many mistakes he does. And Destroyer just tank 3 combos and are almost not stunable at all
  12. Doesn't it feel too easy?

    Didn't read everything but this game is still meant to have a learn curve. A lot of people actually would need 10 tries to solo one of the purple instances. And it also depends on the class. If you are a Summoner than please stop saying that it is easy. That class is op pve wise. Moreover you don't have to worry later dungeons 40+ start punishing you hard for every mistake you make. You could also try Blackwyrm xD... If you can solo that thing you would be one of the top players here. Edit: Just read your last comment. You think it is easier than other versions. But i kicked ass from 1-40 in every version except korean one so far. I think that they are exactly the same.
  13. BnS CBT folder can't be deleted

    Or just look around in Taskmanager. Normally you should be able to kill that process.
  14. Yeah kinda sad that WTFast costs something now. As if that all is planned just to make money. Make servers bad so we can earn money with our program xD
  15. Still no bronze dropping from mobs

    I doubt u played higher then lvl 30 did you? The items that drop in instances get bid so high sometimes you still get up to 1gold per run even though it is shared between 5 people. Moreover you can do dailies or do crafting profession to earn a bit. P2W is not what you think it is. Please don't use that word in wrong context. You can farm money, it is just easier for premium people and money doesn't give you stats for competitive play at all.