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  1. Valentine's weapon skins and Warlock forgotten?

    you realy think that after making us wait 4 years for them to "translate and voice act-if you can all it that" that they would give us what we want right off the bat. NCSOFT want to make money its simple as that if they wanted to run the game fairly or on par with korea/CN then you would have 4 char slots and cheaper storage unlock but yes all the content for the warlock is in the game (if you played the kr/cn version you should know how to unpack and see for yourself. TBH NCSOFT are doing the typical NCSOFT thing make money wait for player base to dwindle release the lock wait for player base to dwindle again then give up and move to another game.
  2. shutdown times unacceptable

    so create a tab in chat listed as system- (loading screens dont block the chat) - if you dont want to goto the forums or twiter that is your choice but dont blame your laziness on NCSOFT there is many ways that NCSOFT can notify us of maintenance times and so far the way they have chosen is standard the only suggestion i could recommend to them is to actualy update the launcher (similar to the Chinese/korean version with a news feed from the forum)
  3. Stupid maintenance time

    try being in AUS playing on NA you get server shutdown prime gaming time for people that work/goto schoool thankfuly queues have gone or i would be back to only being able to play 3days a week due to this...
  4. So this needs to be fixed or it was a hacker

    suggestion for you would be to change skills to pvp set-up this puts points into your retreat and counter moves, not putting points into these skills will keep you in lock-down forever that is the point of learning how to play your character and reading up on the skills you are able to use. i get you are not happy about a high lvl player locking you down but this is a game mechanic every class can keep you in permanent lock-down if you don't skill yourself correctly, yes higher levels you get more skills but most people just stick with one skill set. the only thing i can say to you is change gear hit K and read your retreat and lock-down skills you can counter blackout easily if you have the right skills set. in regards to F not working this is due to latency (this is why you keep mashing it)
  5. Really? down again?

    and down again....
  6. Really? down again?

    lol and the gold spammers are already in .. wow and we wonder why there are queues
  7. Really? down again?

    lol waited for 2 hrs in queue get to position 50 and then kicked ... yay for trying to play as a free user .
  8. Server disconnect me + NCSOFT Launcher Error

    didnt fix the ncsof launcher error and link is DNS resolver error..
  9. "failed to connect to server .200"

    lol so im not the only one that tried it and got my email , sucks to be us. ill give it another hour and then off to bed for me 12:30am hopefully can login soon and put my crap on Marketplace then get back in in the morning.
  10. "failed to connect to server .200"

    Follow Blade & Soul Ops‏@BladeAndSoulOps We are experiencing an issue with our NA servers that is preventing players from logging in. This also affects verification emails.
  11. "failed to connect to server .200"

    LOL you have bigger underling issues then, you have a post already that i maybe can help in (dont post often but i read )
  12. "failed to connect to server .200"

    not so true Fixed IP here and also have the same error. also trion changed the login server IP but forgot to hotfix the launcher