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  1. Climbing the ladder slowly, but diligently! LOL! Come hang with BladeAndSola and experience some of the best family atmosphere there is to be had in gaming. We love to support each other and build each other up in every aspect. PEACE!
  2. Hey Martial Arts Masters! Phayte here from BladeAndSola! Just a little update. We are recruiting! If you want some family oriented and cool accepting atmosphere to play BNS in we are your go to! Our guild motto is acceptance and encouragement! We are all super excited about the Rising Waters update being released tomorrow! We would love to make some new clanmates and see this clan grow and grow. We have scheduled PvE nights and are organizing some PvP nights now! Come drop by and let's for some tag team matches! Here are a couple of videos that I put together that talk about PvP Faction Dailies. Enjoy! Be Blessed!
  3. All other cosmetics are 15 bucks and under. And you know that you are getting them upon purchase.
  4. But those are items you know about when purchasing. Not a random loot chest. You're not gambling when you choose to make a premium purchase. You know what you are buying.
  5. I get this. Thank you so much for sharing. You friend are building your community.
  6. Thanks for your support! Glad to see others that care about this topic! Maybe you could use that sarcasm to discuss with and build the community. But on the other hand it seems like you are void of empathy as most on the internet are. Ridiculing your fellow community causes rifts that break down the game population and cause people to leave it. If that is what you want then keep at it. Instead of telling people what wrong they did, which fixes nothing. Give advice as to how to deal with such a situation. Just think about it. Peace.
  7. Just bought 11 didn't get it. NCsoft take note. I am done with your cash shop altogether. I was in CBT and backed this game loyally. I may be leaving due to this sort of negligence if you do not address what this will do to your players. f2p....that's a joke. I would rather spend 15 bucks a month and have it all then have you nickle and dime me over random loot chests. This is a horrible business plan.
  8. I am a little more than upset that the one costume I loved more than any in the store is now in a random locked loot chest! I would much rather pay right now. I feel like NCsoft was aware that this was a popular item in beta and now are taking advantage of that by making it BoP and only accessible through a system of luck and chance. I truly hate this! This is why I hate the NwO(And other mmos) system! I could end up paying upwards of 20 bucks now while all the other outfits in the hongmoon store are under 15 bucks. Why would NCsoft do this except, if not to exploit a popular outfit and make extra money? I am mostly typing out loud with no filter at the moment as I am writing this up while mad... We could at least make this sort of outfit able to trade so I could get the gold together and get it that way. This would also help promote player gold trading as to help fight gold spammers. I will eventually buy 11 chests for 1599 NCcoin, spending 20 bucks to see if I can get it, but if it does not drop out of 11 I am DONE! Please NCsoft just make all outfits accessible through cash payment. FORGET RANDOM CHESTS ALTOGETHER!!! THEY ARE AN EXPLOIT TOWARDS FAITHFUL FANS OF YOUR GAME! Maybe one day I will get the Black Padded Coat from running dailies and getting it with hongmoon coins. If this chest even stays in the HS. Here's to hoping! <cheers>

    TYVM! I did not know that.... I feel more dumb now! lol

    I get where you're coming from. It is my own fault I got suckered. When we were bidding for moonwater everyone was spamming the Y button for faster bidding and then this dude just bumps it being stupid and tired as it was late was just spamming it until it would go above 50s. It went from 19s straight to 5g. While I am mad. I will be more careful from now on. Also I will not be grouping with this bid troll again as I blocked the player. Everyone else in my group was empathetic for me and sided with me though. They have now implemented a vote kick and that is good. I agree an upvote/downvote system would be good. I would appreciate the time and effort put into this new ui.
  11. I have some noob questions for the pros out there please. Does my gear and gems apply into Arena? I mean they give me stats. Do my Stats apply into Arena? Also anyone that would give some good advice on a Summoner build, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  12. I did not know this! Thanks for the info! I will stop attacking their dumb whirlwind after an evade. lol
  13. Apparently every class is OP?

    I'm a summoner. I have won against every class at least once, but the Destroyer less than any other class. I think that I have the most difficulty with the other summoners and Kung Fu Masters. The Destro and KFM are pure stunlock and I still do not know how to fight them. The destro is so bad though they seem to have no CD on stuns. And the whirlwind counter that stuns my projectile! lol Oh man! All this aside. I truly do not know pvp yet. I do not have the endgame gems and I do not really know my spec properly yet. To everyone having troubles against a certain class I would suggest you make a friend with that class and train against him in the dueling room. <cheers>
  14. Camera bug when joining arena

    I've never had that, but I have come out of the loading screen with my opponent on me hitting me. Joy!