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  1. I see it like this: either PvE dies and PvP flourishes or entire game dies slowly over time and becomes another ArcheAge in around few months to a year (completely irrelevant cash-cow ruined by a streak of bad design choices) I did consider publisher interest, I'm quoting monetization solutions from my first post: I'm pretty sure there could be even better monetization ideas than this, this is just an example on how it should be made
  2. The biggest problem are the untradable HM skills like the one from achievement vendor for 300 dungeon tokens. Basically you have to do all 3 dungeon dailies for over 3 months to get that. If that HM skill was useless for PvP it would be fine but sadly it's not on most classes If someone new were to join the game lured in by official tournament prizes after NC goes full eSport mode he would have to: 1) Level his character to 50 2) Get HM lvl 10 (months of grinding) 3) Get around 500 gold+ for HM skills 4) Get 1450 achievement points 5) Run big 3 dungeon dail
  3. Good solution, NC would probably say that they would lose money from selling HM soup but in reality they would most likely make several times as much from Character Slot expansion tickets alone since so many more people would be interested in having alts
  4. People are like that in every game, we don't have some special playerbase that came from the moon and behaves in some unpredictable manner. LoL which is the most successful PvP game of all time has the most immature playerbase ever and the game is still as successful as ever. We're talking about the game's success as an eSport and what can NC do better to make it grow as such. Right now potential is being wasted because it caters to people who are hardcore PvP and PvE players at the same time while leaving pure PvP players in the dust. As a result B&S is not even on first page
  5. I have nothing against having to work for it but if the game is gonna die as a result then all the effort I put in would go to waste because no new players = no viewers = no money = RIP. All successful eSport games are pretty accessible when it comes to PvP, you don't need to do 300 dungeon dailies and get 1450 achievement points and grind thousands of gold to have an even playing field.
  6. I have nothing against visuals and game story but most of my friends do and I find it super hard to bring them to play this game. Thing is people who play it for the story/visuals are too niche in the West. They might be mainstream in KR/CN/JP but we have an entirely different market here
  7. Hello NC, this game has huge potential to be the next big e-sport but there are major roadblocks to get to that point. I'm writing it because I love the 1v1 aspect of this game and I want it to succeed but at the current rate the game is sadly gonna die out (if it's not too late already). Warning: blunt truth 1) PvP is becoming less and less accessible. When the game was released there was no HM skills and hitting 45 was possible in 2-3 days, the game was much easier to access than it is now and it's only gonna get worse with time. I'm an active player and it's ev
  8. Well if you can't beat a predictable bot playing destroyer then what does it say about you as a player? all those mechanics have easy counterplays and it seems like you can't even find out what they are. How do you want to play on plat against LBMs and KFMs with million iframes if you can't even figure out how to deal with spins, you got rank that you deserve (which is prolly low gold bot hell)
  9. git gut, if you were diamond you would play no bots since they suck
  10. same here, tried everything and ended up submitting a ticket
  11. Im diamond destroyer and I dont even use iframed red spin in most matchups due how much mana it consumes and how easy it is to get out of it. Even if you do some damage with it you're still wasting enough mana to lose neutral game straight after (at least on plat+, golds won't punish you for it, 90% of them can't even do the right combos) People complaining about red spin are all 1700 or less, it's almost a garbo skill on higher levels (unless you make a play centered around punishing somebody with redspin but even then you gonna run out of mana before killing anyone and die to nex
  12. are you silver by any chance? 1) Spin doesn't protect from KDs and KFM has 8s cooldown kd engage (ss->lb) plus 5m leg sweep 2) Spin gives KFM a shit ton of agility stacks so it's counterproductive, worst case scenario KFM gets 3 stacks off 1 sidestep if you dont move 3) Spin costs a shit ton of mana 4) KFM ground game against des is broken since des gcounter animation is the slowest in the game, KFM can transition from that to daze with leftclick->counter->shoulder so basically every kd is daze in this matchup. If you leftclick->counter instantly after KD
  13. DES>KFM? KFM>SIN? are you wood league by any chance?
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