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  1. Did not receive the holiday bash gift pack rewards

    I'm also have the same issue. Claimed code, premium status activated, but no items in delivery box.
  2. This change is really discouraging as a fresh 55. It is very difficult to earn gold to be able to get to 1.1k+ ap to be able to do the new content. If NCwest wants us to play the new content, they need to provide a way to actually progress to get there. Nerfing the lower dungeons makes it harder to access the new content, not easier. Now the higher level dungeons are virtually inaccessible for all new players. If NCwest really wanted players to access the new content, then the story quests should grant gear that provides 1-1.1k ap. Then they would actually accepted in groups for the new dungeons.
  3. Zen Beans...

    I completely agree. I would suspect a large chunk of those AFKers are just players who aren't interested in PVP but are being forced to farm zen beens due to poor game design. And yes, this new system does punish newbies terribly. New players are going to loose a TON of matches before they learn the game and start to get good. During that learning curve, they will be getting ZERO rewards. Many will likely just give up an not bother. Who wants to waste hours/days of their limited game time earning zero reward for the hope it might get better later.
  4. Zen Beans...

    This is a terrible change. There needs to be reasonable rewards for at least attempting PvP or new players will be turned off immediately. All this just to stop bots from getting a paltry amount of zen beens? How about banning the bots and not nerfing rewards? Not to mention this will make deranking become rampant since playing against similar skilled players will cause more loses which now give virtually zero reward.
  5. New Requirements for Hongmoon Skills.

    The OP is 100% correct. This change is insane. Changing an achievement requirements months after it is introduced is absurd. Achievements need to be fixed targets that show what a player has achieved. They are intended to be goal players can work towards. Changing the requirements after the fact is just like changing the goal posts and ripping away their work towards that goal. Not to mention unlocking hongmoon skills is already a confusing PITA already. All this change does is make it much harder for new players to catch up which is the opposite of what they should be doing. Note: I already unlocked this skill on my main so this change doesn't affect me, yet I still think it is stupid.
  6. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    I'm having the same issues with similar ping results. It was never like this before. The server performance is utterly terrible now. What happened? Please NCsoft fix this.
  7. Server delay.

    I've been noticing the same thing since the last patch. I haven't had any lag problems for months but now it is bad. My ping went from a reliable 50 to over 80-90 since patch. It is very difficult to animation cancel on my destroyer anymore with the current lag. I don't think it is my isp either since I can ping other game servers and there is no issues.
  8. Outfit wishlist

    OMG what outfit is this? Must have for my warlock. Throwing money at screen...
  9. Outfit from Warlock Trailer Availability

    This outfit was also in the trailer. Anyone know what it is or how to get it?
  10. Dungeon loot P2W

    Any loot system that makes my getting an item dependent on someone else not being an ass is a terrible system. Bidding Loot System = Terrible Need vs Greed System = Terrible Conclusion: WoW Personal Loot System = Perfect