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  1. Because obviously NCSoft wants you t purchase more NCoins and use the Currency Exchange. No brainer, really.
  2. I think I roughly had to use 34 spins to get the items I wanted from that wheel. But then I got lucky later on when visiting the Orchards and got both the costume and headpiece on my first 2 spins.
  3. I disagree. I will not renew my sub as well, but not for these issues. These are minor compared to the real problems
  4. My ideal MMO experience would be like this: Log in on the game Greet guild members and friends Organise a quick group to complete the dailies and PvP dailies Blow through them without having to wait, ganking or getting roflstomped Clear Mushin's tower dailies without having to memorise every damned trick in the book to remotely succeed Chat with friends Run a few dungeons
  5. well, I can understand people getting fed up with the game. I'm approaching the point of abandoning the game myself as well when my sub runs out. There's too many points that make it simply not fun for me to play anymore: Trying the PvP dailies to get soul stones for my gear, only to be a farm target by the other faction Even our main camp is being farmed by them Mushin's tower, tried it and failed horribly at the start. A lot of preparation needed apparently, which is fine, but I feel it to be.too much. Trying the things like E.Fleet and Ni
  6. Would like to thank you guys once more for the feedback. Now have a burn/twin dragon build and I'm noticing the increase in damage and survivability a lot! Even have to back off now and then to reduce my aggro on bosses cause otherwise I go splat. Really happy with the changes.
  7. Not sure if this is the right forum, but after yesterday's Patch I noticed a huge decrease in performance for the game client. I'm mostly still at 60FPS, but having a LOT of FPS drops now whenever I'm just running around or engaging into combat. And I've tried using the auto settings optimized for combat, as well as hiding characters and effects but nothing seems to be making a difference. Anyone else suffering from the same behaviour since yesterday's patch?
  8. Thanks for sharing. Will take a look at it and familiarise myself with the rotation and see how it turns out.
  9. Can you link the build using bnstree ?
  10. I've taken a look at the video's, and will make some changes based on them. Will aim for the party build however as I prefer running in groups compared to running alone. Hardest part is going to be remembering the combinations....
  11. They're the kind of people F2P Game Managers want and use to advertise/Communicate that RNG boxes are actually making more money then normal cash shop sales. They're the kind of people gullible enough to send their money on boxes, and will keep spending until they get what they want or are out of money. As Keawen wrote : slot machines are exactly the same principle and only a specific kind of people play them. see the link?
  12. will do so when I have time for it. Thanks for the feedback so far.
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