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  1. Worked! Both laptops and a friend's desktop all working again. It's just funny. I've been playing the game since before the NA Technical Alpha a year ago and never had to set the global GPU preference. It always just worked assigning it application by application. Until now. Well, at least there is a way to make it work. Thanks!
  2. Same issue here on two laptops with Nvida GPUs. It is not running the game under the GPU even when I tell it to do so. Right-clicking and choosing the Nvidia card just produces and error and causes the Nvida control panel to open. The control panel settings seem to have no impact. The game launcher ignores whatever I tell it. GPU-Z shows the game is putting ZERO load on the Nvidia card and 100% load on the Intel integrated HD graphics and there seems to be no way to fix this. Noting, this is a new issue and the game has always worked fine on Nvidia before and never needed
  3. One of these dummies is in Nightshade, near the Yutay area. All it does is drop an obsolete item you cannot USE in the NA/EU game. So it's really nothing to bother with unless you just want to selfie with it. LOL If you kill it, all you get is something you can't use which takes up an inventory space.
  4. Definitely ONE of the reasons I play. I've spent a lot of time and character resets getting my main just where I want her to be and I think she looks the best of any game character I have ever had. So I like that. But the game itself is also beautiful. The backgrounds and scenery and architecture are just good to look at. Even the beach outside Bamboo Village, literally the starting point of the game, is very beautiful. Of course it depends on what graphics settings someone uses and where they are looking, but the game is very easy on the eyes. I don't think ther
  5. Can't believe they ever expected people to just switch sides. Few are going to abandon friends and clan to change sides. Makes no sense.
  6. Having someone use Lotus of Rescue to teleport the parties past the mobs is a BAD idea. If somebody in the party dies, they can hit 4 and respawn -but they'll end up on the wrong side those mobs and have to fight their way through alone, because trying to run and dodge through just doesn't work. Some of bots have long range grab. A solo runner stands no chance. And what happens is they die over and over and over and takes forever trying to clear the mob that the party could have handled together pretty quickly. The same thing happens in Shattered Masts if the party d
  7. Since the last patch, it seems to me a LOT of the attack sound effects have been simplified to one effect which now plays over and over. Anyone else hearing that?
  8. It is annoying but it's only happened a couple times. And you can set it and change it and do whatever with it. Any time you want. I've played games where you had to buy skill reset tokens to make ANY change, and too bad if you don't like it. You need another token to change it again. Not only does THAT make it cost a lot to adjust skills, for people who cannot or will not pay, they end up stuck with bad/wrong skills and there is nothing they can do but suffer with it or reroll or give up, or go around begging other players to give them a skill reset. That stuff gets old.
  9. Thanks for all the comments and an explanation about what happened and why. Gotta say, I've played a lot of games but this is the only one I can think of where the company responds to something like this, not to mention the community also commenting on it. Thanks everyone!
  10. Look to the Korean version. Anything like a new class or race will be in their game first.
  11. What the heck happened to the Business Casual costume? When it first appeared in the Wardrobe menu, it had a red blouse over a black skirt and awesome stockings nearly Louboutin-style heels. It looked amazing, like very powerful take-no-prisoners office attire. A bunch of us saw it and began saving to buy it. This was gonna be a killer outfit. Now, the wardrobe shows the outfit has changed into a pink blouse over a white skirt. It is FAR more casual, has none of the energy and just isn't the same at all. What happened, NCSOFT? Why did
  12. A lot of people don't seem to know you have to kill the sub bosses to get MM and Poh to show up. They stand around waiting and waiting and waiting for them to appear, when they could go kill bosses and MAKE them appear.
  13. If you are on Mushin, look me up. I'll run with you and we can scrounge up some others. You should be fine with the AP and gear you have. Honestly, knowing the mechanics for Be Ido is the one thing you need to have. A lot of people have no clue how to do it. How to kill the bull boss is also useful to know but you can learn that as you do it. The final bosses just need to stay balanced as much as possible. The rest of Lab is simple. Unless you get the Slashimi room. That one seems to reduce everyone to tears. Anyway. people helped me and carried me on m
  14. In the areas where you play and do dailies, make note of the clan names you see around you. You should notice some names popping up a lot and maybe get an idea of how their members behave. Ask a few how they like their clan. Most people will tell you everything they hate so just keep that in mind. If you have a lot of friends (and why not, it won't hurt), you can ask some of them for ideas or invites to their clans. This is my preferred way: I let them recruit me. Walking around without a clan name over your head will clue them in. When you do the 24-man, go
  15. Most of the instances in this game are virtual machines rather than physical servers. Not sure about SSP but it's probably a VM too. If so, VMs are almost trivial to migrate around, clone, etc. which implies the combines were almost certainly not done to free physical servers. Hardware is just too cheap. They would buy more rather than try to free it up. Example: The place where I used to work had 60+ VMs running on one physical ESX server, which was stuffed with RAM and a couple monster Zeon processors. There were multiple boxes like that and basically everyone rem
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