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  1. Skills achievements.

    Meybe is the same from Zen Beans pvp ?
  2. Server Authentication Failure

    Same on me
  3. Crit chance

    Just Upgrade Ring to get more crit ;]
  4. Just wait to patch who give us a 50 lvl +HM and you will know why pepole play Blade Masters :D I have main BM and i never change it :]
  5. same problem on me fps drop from 120 to 0 and cant play ;/ Fix it fast !
  6. FPS drop on Boss fight !!!

    I have only drop fps on boss in open world i got 70-120 .
  7. FPS drop on Boss fight !!!

    yes before patch i got 120-60 fps now got 1 and cant play ;/
  8. Massive Frame Drop on Boss Fights

    i have same problem on boss fight drop fps to 1 ;/
  9. Hi i have a fps drop on Boss fight ;/ Fps drop to 1-5 fps and this started from 10 February update my PC is I7 4770k GTX 960 OC 2gb 16dg ddr3 1600 windows 7 x64 ultimate