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  1. I farm keys with 8 diff chars yes, but who ever do tower is same for me, I just wanna do tower on one character, switchinig is anoying. Otherwise just give up for this event whatever.
  2. Hi, I want to suggest Support that enable to transfer Event Key for Mushin F8-3 to other characters. Reason is a lot people like me play 8+ characters will be feeling anoying by farming 48 runs mushin tower per character during event period. Sure, my alts are geared aswell, I can farm them Mushin easily, but its anoying that have to swap characters doing dailies AND Mushin tower runs everyday. If Dev Team enable send keys to main character, I would gladly farm 8 character dailies and do 384 runs Mushin tower on main, otherwise there is no motive to do that. ATM I m on
  3. Summary At the begining the clan was created only for chinese and many of them are my friends from old Russia server (AncientCN). But many of them quit bns for some reason so, we decide to invite new eu players and trying to dominate the game. Also many White Lotus joined our clan cause their leader had no time to take care of the clan. Currently we are top3 Cerulean clan in Windrest server. Glory II is disbanded since alot members quit game so I moved some Glory II members to Glory I. Glory II is like for Alts at the moment. Clan Current Situation
  4. As the topic, why dont make sythesized HM skills tradeble or ound to account like reclaimed secret technique book. Thoes pieces are even tradeble before sythesize, sometimes able to sell easier with compeleted props.
  5. As you said in stream before game release, this game wont be pay to win but actually it is now. You can see many peoples Moderator edit: Name & Shaming in the EU Windrest server they are totally FULL geared, you know how disgusting and not fair in PvE and faction PvP. They just buy 50k+ gold from goldsellers in cross-server dungeon By auction loot a trash item. There are alot group self-gold farmers in other servers and tons of Bots everywhere, like faction, pvp arena. And faction isnt balanced at all coz many red players are just buying gold and get good item, so they
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