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  1. Game-Server Latency Issue Report Thread

    Mushin's tower is near impossible against Junghado as a FM. I can't even pull off a single combo, the skills just delay too much. LMB RMB cant even work right... pretty frustrating that this kind of thing is so prevalent in a game that needs it more than most -_-
  2. Suggestion to dear Devs: Subscriptions!

    TBH I just pulled the RNG box out of you know where, like I said I don't really care for the idea either. But yeah, HM levels will be nice when boosted with xp. I'm still rather new in that I barely played on international servers but always followed them, so thanks for pointing that out.
  3. Disclaimer: This post isn't made to be a discussion or a trigger for everyone who likes to chime in to be negative nancy. In fact, if you decide you want to try to shoot down my post, well, you're just creating more exposure for the suggestion. So really, if you HAVE to argue, go ahead, but I'm not really intending to respond or defend the idea, just suggest it to the devs and let anyone agree with me. Subscriptions! We're doing them all wrong! Our current benefits will not hold onto the majority of those who either already have them from founders packs, or chose to try it out. Increased XP: Sure? Useless after max one week of leveling. Max a couple months of leveling alts. Really just situational. Increased gold: Yes please. One of the consistently useful perks. Increased combat gold: No thanks. It's already so low that it's a joke. AH perks: Yes please. Consistently useful. Extra hongmoon coins: No idea. Can't say, but so far they aren't hardly showing up anyway. Crafting XP: No thanks. heh Glamour fee: Sure? Really insignificant but why not. Chi recovery/windstride: Sure? Pure convenience, also why not. Daily dash spin: no thanks. So far useless. Premium icon: No thanks.... Login priority: No thanks (anymore) Windwalk: Sure? But let us turn off the ones we don't like at least. Remote storage: No thanks, too far hidden behind hundreds of dollars. Discounts: Small, but sure? Wardrobe: Sure, but only in the beginning when I'm zerging outfits into it. So from how I see it, there are only two great perks, six insignificant perks, one I can't really argue, and six useless perks with one only being useless because it's unobtainable for most. Two great perks for $15 a month, only being increased gold and AH selling. I can't justify that at all. Furthermore, if for some insane reason I do subscribe, I would never pay for more services. Likewise, I would not subscribe after I paid for individual services. It's either-or, not both. For comparison (which isn't to say I demand this, but it would certainly be better), there's Taiwan's system which gives: Daily hongmoon points: Yes please! I'm paying, it makes perfect sense to get cash to buy stuff with! Increased gold (optionally bought with HMpoints): Yes please! Increased XP (optionally bought with HMpoints): Yes please! Subscription-less wardrobe: Yes please! And a ton of other intricacies that you can look into yourself. The point is that you have the option to buy what you want because you automatically get currency for being a member. if you feel like forgoing increased XP because you aren't leveling an alt, well gee, you can! That week you can get an outfit instead, rather than wasting it on nothing. So what do we do? Can we just copy/paste Taiwan's? Sure, I'd not be on here typing such a wall of text otherwise. But not necessarily! We could just create our own perks for subscription service. We can take some of what Taiwan uses and expand upon it ourselves. Here are some examples for expanding: Account bound wardrobe: Yes please! (Alternative) Free currencies to trade outfits on account: Yes please! Daily RNG boxes: Sure? I don't personally like it but it's an option. Reasonably accessible remote Warehouse: Yes please! Free remote crafting orders: Sure, not significant but nice. Subscription only outfits: Yes please. It's an alternative to daily points. Barbershop: Yes please! Just change hair color/style for in-game gold. In reality, I personally would never spend USD for the sole purpose of changing my character's appearance. However, it would absolutely entice me to consistently subscribe if it was a perk among many others. The same goes for trading (cash shop and unique) outfits on the account! Why on God's green earth are we only allowed one Event outfit per account?! Once I choose a character to bind it to, it's there forever. Forsaken is all the other characters who also would look great in it, since it's never again obtainable. I love the hell out of this game and eagerly anticipated it for years like many fans have, but it makes me a bit disappointed that I've thus found zero incentive to support the company beyond my Master's pack with such crippled subscription service and prohibitively expensive outfits that bind to a character. I have voiced my opinion that outfits were too expensive before, in that I might ever decide to buy one if they were account bound at the current price (which I think is still to high), or halve the price and make them single character only. But by making subscription more appealing with Taiwan ideas plus these, I would likely pay for B&S for as long as I paid for other games that -required- a subscription (I'm obviously referring to WoW, even Lineage ][ many years ago). Please devs, consider optimizing the poor subscription service. The rank idea was clever in concept, not so much in execution. I'm more than happy to show my support and pay for this severely delayed game like the 3 year old toddler I never knew I had. I don't care about RNG boxes, I don't care about server names, I don't even care that blackwyrm is a complete *cricket* that delights in my misfortune! I just want to be a proud participating member that helps keep this game alive. And finally, to the rich special snowflakes: I see why you don't think anything is expensive - I thought the same thing when I traveled to Asia and lived like a king. But did I argue with the locals that the prices of food were cheap and no one should ever starve? Other people have different dispositions and it's absolutely not necessary for anyone to argue that something is easy when they already worked for it but another hasn't. We're supposed to be a community, even online. Hell, even if you think you're rich, I hope you never look at a Bugatti and think "damn why can't I have that?" someone is always better off than you, there's no reason to ever keep something that more people can access hidden behind a wall just out of greed, though. But whatever, feel free to argue your heart out because I know people will. Heaven forbid you actually get more worth for your money. tl;dr Revamp subscription, make it more appealing than the glitter-ridden dollar store ornament that it is. Take ideas from Taiwan and expand! It's not about cheating NCwest out of profit, it's about being offered a service we can't refuse paying for!
  4. The Drop Rates in this game is ABSURD

    I just about flipped my table because it took me over 55 tries to get my bangle. Was going to blow my moonwater key but held through.
  5. I've been in this boat with you arguing the same points for over a month. I'm genuinely disappointed that NCwest did nothing to change their founders packs policy, but not surprised in the least. It's been a real love-hate relationship so far, even though I always put my bet towards trying to love the company :(
  6. We need a serious talk about costume prices

    The recurring point that 'companies need to make money to prevent it from becoming p2w or p2p' doesn't apply here. No one is saying to give the costumes for free, it's a matter of how much. Put real clothes into perspective here. You have a shirt and it's $100. It's pretty, sure. However, it's quite clear from even infrequent shopping that the quality is closer to around $50. You pass, reluctantly, even though it's suits you. This same thing happens over and over again with tons of people because they are the type of shoppers who feel the same. It ends up selling a few times but that's it. Meanwhile, when another shirt is put at the price point that people comparatively see the value in, it will sell more. Likely so much that it will sell out. But wait, we're discussing 'clothes' that have no quantity -- they can't sell out. The goal is to sell as many as possible, not sell it to a couple special snowflakes. Even if this 'necessity to stay afloat' concept were true, the MOBA skin thing goes against this even further. The wildly most popular LoL regularly sells skins for less than $3 when on sale. They realize that they want to sell as many as possible. Tons of people have multiple skins per champion, some even collecting them all for their favorites. How much money do you think that makes them? Sure, there are $20 skins that never go on sale, but do you know why that works? Because they clearly show a difference in the amount of time spent creating them and offer a plethora of alternatives to spend your money on. If you want that one skin for $20 you can buy it; if you want 8 skins over a couple months for $20, you can buy them. Maybe the best thing here would be to do sales just as Riot does. Then all the people who really need to look special will indeed get their glory days, then eventually the value oriented people will get their cake too by the time the snowflakes have already moved onto new skins. As it stands, skins for $10-20 may do well for the beginning, if at all. Though as everyone can see, there's already a huge chunk of the player base that would completely avoid aesthetics for such a relatively high premium. Why not make it work for everyone?
  7. Can't even enjoy the beta

    What others have said so far is true, that's not really going to cut it for gaming. Sorry about that :( That's pretty much only going to browse the web and maybe browser games or really old ones. If you end up wanting to get into gaming a bit more, aim for an i5 with 8 gigs of ram and a dedicated video card at least.
  8. Knit-Picks and Feedback

    Pretty good input imo :) I'm with you on the hair and skin color options, not really sure why these things aren't a standard for games nowadays. Admittedly, not sure what it really takes to change that development wise, but would have been nice. I'm a bit indifferent with the voice options for the character. I'm glad we never actually hear our character speak, just grunt and whatnot. Since we never have to hear them speak, I'm okay with it. Everything else doesn't bother me at all, but new things never hurt. One good thing is that at least we can change the appearance of our items, even though we can't change our weapon class.
  9. So um BladeMasters...

    If you can't deal with that, try the knock-up chain on FM... then get back to me :|
  10. I personally prefer it how it is, but I would like it (and other windows like clans or crafting) to be available in lobbies like dungeon or pvp. At least we could pay more attention to it that way.
  11. Add a toggle to show/hide specific quests

    ^ please, I have no idea why this isn't already in the game. Either all or nothing, that's a bit crazy. I'm glad you posted it because I was going to also.
  12. Weird latency issue

    Are they both running on wifi? I would try running both on a cable and seeing how that affects things. Sometimes the smallest or strangest things affect gaming... Win10 maaay be an issue, but it's really not that bad. It's leaps and bounds better than Vista or the dreaded ME.
  13. I like my FM one, because it seems almost natural and doesn't bother me at all. However, my BM male looks terrible because from behind they look like flowers bc of the sword hilts... and my assassin just looks ridiculous :/ Giant inflatable yellow shuriken slowly dancing around.
  14. Giant Plague Mite & Pokey bosses

    We're obviously on different sides of the fence here. The first time I played, I was super excited that it was in the game. "What's this!? A boss I can solo if I learn how to? That's *cricket*ing awesome. Not some boring kiting or facepalm rolling, but split second reaction!" As BM, it's good practice for mastering your 2nd tier parry stun. FM is kind of kiting but that's why it was the "easy" class in the beginning. Assassin has it's woodblock and other iframes. Haven't tried the others... but that's the point, mastery. If you don't like it, it's not like you have to farm it for 5 levels...
  15. Why all the hate for the westernization

    I was reading the quest and following along, then at the end of the dungeon he starts saying that nonsense. I had to stop for a minute and think... wtf just happened? Placeholder text? That didn't make any sense at all... Yes, you're making a good point here with this post. People would much rather listen to those who are calm and collected. When I worked in retail before, I would happily and endlessly help those who needed help and were reasonable about it, but those rude customers would get less effort from me. However, you can't expect aggression coming from one side and not to be reciprocated, especially on a forum post about a heated topic. Especially since it's just between two sides who feel strongly about their opinions with no intermediary. If we had the opportunity to kick back and have a decent conversation with one of the people that can make a difference, I can almost guarantee the majority would have level heads. Hell, look at League of Legends, one of the most toxic communities (especially before all of their disciplinary implementations). Important team members from Riot Games would take the time to sit down and do a huge hundred page AMA on a topic, and pretty often at that. Almost everyone was cool about it, though when someone was too grumpy the team member would address them and calm them down anyway. I haven't been even close to angry about any of this, though I really don't like the changes they've put in other than adding their own finely tuned cultural humor to replace ones we couldn't ever get unless we lived in Korea. People react really, really well when they have a problem and you listen to them intently, acknowledge their concern, and tell them you will at least look into it. Honestly, that's usually enough to calm even the most ravenous Black Friday rager. It would be nice if we could get more of that feeling. The "Open Discussion" was a step in the right direction, though I don't know anything about any posts being deleted or remember most of how he replied to issues.