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  1. No hay tal cosa como un server latino y no creo que llegue a haberlo, seguro encontraras clanes latinos en Mushin o en otros servers. Pero los server siguen siendo Norte Americanos y eso no va a cambiar!!
  2. I play from colombia normally i dont have any issue about lag, if you want to use any program do it but dont cry later!! I really believe Ncsoft and support team are trying to do the best they can for us. So thx
  3. i oppose completely to this the wardrobe are one of the principal benefits from premium so i think things must remain like that, pretty useful in different ways is a privilege too much good for simple plebs
  4. Just one word for you "practice", im not the best KFM neither but im really improving with practice this class is amazing and rewarding. Is different for easier class like the summoner or destroyer who dont required special tactics or practice, in my opinion a KFM is the hardest class and required discipline to master. So dear cricket continue practice
  5. I dont think a south America server is need it the game goes pretty well even i played it from Colombia, besides putting a server requires money and resources for Ncsoft.
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