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  1. Lag LatinoAmerica (Argentina)

    Pues depende de la calidad de tu prestador del servicio, yo juego desde Colombia sin lag pero lo que en realidad importa es el ping especialmente si tu clase es rápida. Por ejemplo si sufres de lag o retrasos no te recomiendo ser KFM o ASS para pvp.
  2. Then pay for a Premium membership i think the system Works quite good and make Premium so atractive. No wardrobe without money. Period
  3. Server Latino

    No hay tal cosa como un server latino y no creo que llegue a haberlo, seguro encontraras clanes latinos en Mushin o en otros servers. Pero los server siguen siendo Norte Americanos y eso no va a cambiar!!
  4. Latency

    Yeah you always can try that programs i also recommend you kill ping, all the players who live outside of US have this issue or at least desire a better latency. Good Luck
  5. "it's only 40 copper"

    You guys really dont understand the concept of p2w but still the gold dont beat others players for you, this game is about skill. Thinking the premium user are kids who their parents buy the premium is quite childish XD.
  6. Hey Jyans and Ncsoft Team, I have a question about the last update about incresing the slots for blocking spammers? i really believe with this update Ncsoft will increase the limit for blocking like they say, is the common knowledge all the problems we had with the spammer. other thing i find a little weird is how is imposible block some spammers right now cause the system dont let block them even liberating slots, says something "the player cant be found". For reading and answering thx Regards
  7. The game is worst after today's update!

    you guys really think Ncsoft team are machines or gods to not commit mistakes, is pretty normal after updates some issues happen, just be patient and use the supporting spaces they have for us.
  8. I play from colombia normally i dont have any issue about lag, if you want to use any program do it but dont cry later!! I really believe Ncsoft and support team are trying to do the best they can for us. So thx
  9. Wardrobe access for non-premium players

    i oppose completely to this the wardrobe are one of the principal benefits from premium so i think things must remain like that, pretty useful in different ways is a privilege too much good for simple plebs
  10. I am terrible at Kungfu Master

    Just one word for you "practice", im not the best KFM neither but im really improving with practice this class is amazing and rewarding. Is different for easier class like the summoner or destroyer who dont required special tactics or practice, in my opinion a KFM is the hardest class and required discipline to master. So dear cricket continue practice
  11. The gold sellers and their army of bots have a very strong structure is probably imposible stop it but at least they can minimize a lot the dmg they are causing to our game experienced!!
  12. GJ NCSOFT !

    You guys are doing a great job bitching around about foolish things, the only thing i think was achieve from the feedback was the gold spammer problem. Ncsoft are attending this matter so im grateful for the work they are and making our experienced a lot better!.
  13. What should i do?

    Tweet to @bladeandsoulsOPS they can help you or just uninstall!!!
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Pray to Ncsoft and the gaming god
  15. Help wanted

    Sure in my guild we like helping new players!!1 Server: Jiwan Guild:Six iv