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  1. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    My new alt(warlock) is current on hold due upgrading my weapon on my main as high as i can before the 1st June. Also i have been rather busy now days.
  2. Yeah I have nearly 450 ap and about 45% critcal and should just try jump in those purple dungeons and battlefield 6v6 and learn the hard way. If I don't clear its fine got the other dailies to do and try again. Going to at least make an effort in doing those daily challenges.
  3. Do You Have Alts & How Is It Going?

    Not to mention mail is fixed. The one big thing that stopped me leveling an alt at the beginning. Going to start invest little time into slowly leveling an alt. His purpose will be the other craft professions and most importantly pvp arena and mostly for fun. Not sure if training certificates are trade able by mail however XD har har.
  4. Who is not qutting but rather takign a break?

    Need more threads like this. Some Positivity despite the hard ships. I also taking breaks and also i dont try to complete all my dailies everyday. After the 27th or 28th(Depends on maintenance i might mix up my routine a bit more).
  5. Same problem here. i am probably going to join Crimson just to farm my arena soul shield and then just join cerulean again. As long I don t lose the arena soul shield and whether I can get in.