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  1. Large Workshop Rental Ticket Any info when this gonna available in Cash Shop? What is the point having the option to craft then you took away the cash shop item ,? Please add it to the items mall, so our clan can craft again. Thanks
  2. They didn't state this Ebon Bloom gonna be a PvP zone.? If so , im gonna pass, because it very much one of the event for whales clan to control again. I hope the lower gear can farm in there for over 30 mins before their butt laying on the ground.
  3. We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

    Leave if you want to, they won't stop you. But one thing for sure they can't stop the whales ..they always came back.
  4. i didn't receive any as premium
  5. Urban Legend costume set and 365 Premium

    same thing for me, I've to wait for my 3 months vip till it expires to get it, sometime i just dont get it why I've to wait 3 more months to get it. I was thinking of asking for the refund if possible.
  6. ok ..confirm from ncsoft it wasn't for all inactive account...it was for computer random choose... so some of you will got it and some will not...if you want to return and ur account have no gift ( deal with it) .
  7. all my accounts been inactive for almost 6 months, nvr log back in. but today after reading this i went to check my accounts and only 1 account have returning hero pack..others 2 none. ( any reason why? becuz the account i want play have not and the one i dont wanna play got it) why why
  8. Server Freeze and DC

    damn it...i just add 1 month vip ..fk this sh*t
  9. Lyn boob outfit??

    so with that says...we got another extra lyn female outfit...for buying the summer groove set ?
  10. Is Summer Grove outfit bugged?

    also ....some Summoner have boobs some doesnt
  11. summoner hack

    Send the video with ticket to NCsoft...so they can review it.
  12. summoner hack

    hmm... I have no idea this is lag or not...but i see is the SM using RMB non -stop and stealth ea time use RMB and rank Diamond? no1 report untill now?
  13. They will fix Mushin, right?

    This was 10 hours ago...now not the same
  14. Black Screen When Skipping Cutscene

    Plz fix this asap....with this current queue this is pain... just got the same problem, and now have to wait 53 minutes to get in again...
  15. same here, I paid $125 to play the game ...not to look at the queue time on my screen. plz fix asap