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  1. Deadfall Recruiting

    Hi I apologize I not the best about checking the forums... I will check my messages
  2. Deadfall Recruiting

    [NA] [Zulia] Clan: Deadfall Rank:15 Faction:Cerulean - Must be Active - Rated "A" for Adult Content - Willing to Learn - Mains or Geared Alts - Discord required for Raids - Understand and/or speak English Min req: - 1k+ AP - Raven/dawn 3+ - Awakened ascending/Hongmoon soul - Stage 6 Pet - Legendary Necklace,Belt, Bracelet Preferred req: - VT Ready - 1 or more BT Accessories Running 2 Weekly BT Raids & 1 Training VT Raid Clan 6v6 - weekly Clan Dailys and Weekly Contact me to join or if you need more information
  3. New BT Raid Starting

    This is being ran every Saturday @ 9pm EST and open to all of Zulia server, apply if interested.
  4. AbsolutÍon - Rank 15

    [NA] [Zulia] Clan Name - Absolution Clan Rank - 15 Faction - Cerulean Language - English Time Zone - EST/CST Mostly Type - PvX Leader - Soul Dívinity Requirements - Level 50, Discord, Friendly & Active Currently running BT Raid weekly, Clan 6v6 PVP, Farming NS and NF. Contact me for more information.
  5. New BT Raid Starting

    Oh and if you are curious what the min. bids are for drops here is the list: Soul Shield - minimum bid 24g Accessories - minimum bid 150g Raven Mats - minimum bid 300g (class specific) Cosmetics - Open Bid Crystals - Dice Roll
  6. New BT Raid Starting

    Bumping this again - this group has ran 2 runs so far, each week we have progressed. This run will be on Saturday August 5th at 9pm EST, we will be on Boss 3. There is still some spots open for main raid as well as the bench. This is a loot raid, at end of the run all gold collected is split evenly with all. If you interested please sign up at
  7. New BT Raid Starting

    Looking people to join new BT Raid that will be starting approximately in one week.
  8. "Social Clans"

    I think Social Clans also take away from the main clan network, think this was a bad move on NCSoft part
  9. Closed/Deleted

    Think this need a bump, we are still looking for active players, level doesnt matter, nor AP, but it must be your MAIN, not an alt.
  10. NA Server crash?

    Mushin is down
  11. Mushin - Cerulean Faction - Heartbreak

    So what are you waiting for??? Come on you know you want to be part of Heartbreak, come join us today!!!
  12. Mushin - Cerulean Faction - Heartbreak

    We have openings for ACTIVE peeps, there is no AP or Level Requirement, we ask that you join us occasionally in Discord. Our CLAN UNIFORM will be unveiled shortly, so we are really excited and looking forward to this!! We are a PVX clan, into a little bit of everything, we run clan dungeons, Arena, Faction and Battleground together. Our goal is to be a cohesive group where everyone is important!!! We hope if you havent found your clan yet that you will give us a chance. Soooooo contact Moaz, Mr Piffles, Lee Kangto, LuLupin, Gen Kyo, KumiArato or Bella Doll (me) for an invite. Hope to see you soon on MUSHIN!!!
  13. Mushin - Cerulean Faction - Heartbreak

    At the moment the clan is actually full :) but it also makes me :( cause we don't get to meet new players. So anyways I will post again when we can recruit more, have fun and have a great weekend!!!!
  14. LF active guild

    Contact us in game Heartbreak clan, we are active Rank6 and have discord, all levels are welcome!!! We just ask that you are active.
  15. 5 players LFG

    Heartbreak is growing and always love to have new people and join with us. We are active in game and discord, we are a mix of pvx players. Ing is Bella doll contact me if you are interested in giving us a try. Oh all of us work or in college so most active in the evenings and weekends.