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  1. Looks like Grand Pheonix is coming to the trove. Everyone who wanted it got their wish lol
  2. Dumplings won't restore health

    Ah, geez. I was looking at that bar by mistake //facepalm Thanks for the help ;w;
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMKzj61Wc_Y&feature=youtu.be The link shows the weird bug :/ My health only increases from the normal regain rate. Dumplings won't make my health go to 100% - it doesn't seem to have any impact at all.
  4. what is that event ?

    I think all of the items from that box are salvagable for rose fabric except for the pet.
  5. what is that event ?

    Ah...the flower crown, staff and eyepatch are so pretty too. Plus white hot is my dream costume and it's available! I knew this was too good to be true. Would've been a literal blessing for my summoner but I guess I'll have to wait until it one day goes in F10. If that ever happens, that is.
  6. Hazenciar`s fan arts and screenshots

    Woah, your art is amazing! :O
  7. server mt now?

    Yura is back up for me!
  8. server mt now?

    I just want to play my gunslinger :')
  9. More haircuts please!

    True...a lot of the colors are just the same with a different shine (for example the many black hair colors with white shine, grey shine, red shine, and green shine).
  10. More haircuts please!

    Well, there's a problem with that. First, we don't necessarily get to make many decisions on what content we can add. Except for cosmetics like the Wonderland outfit that were fan submitted and chosen by NA staff, unless it exists in KR, we'll never have it. Not only that, but they might have to get approval from KR, which could take weeks. Also, where did you get the impression our selection is limited? We have 44 hairstyles for male Jin at character creation, and I'd say around 10-20 F10 and event hairstyles that are either already in game or will be added.
  11. Most enjoyable lyn class?

    Ah jeez, I didn't mean to leave dps written. Originally I wrote that line in the opposite (cat tanks while lyn dodges + doing most of the dps) but forgot to remove that dps bit. This is what happens when I run on only a few hours of sleep :')
  12. Most enjoyable lyn class?

    I main a Lyn summoner. It makes the game easier to play, since you can borrow HP from your cat whenever you need it. Summoner is pretty fun if you prefer dodging, or are used to being a support class. Since the player by themselves won't really be able to defeat much without the cat, the players main goal is to quickly weave their way past enemies and attacks while the cat does most of the DPS/acts as a tank when needed.
  13. Show off your characters!!

    My small summoner main <3
  14. Blood Rose | Crimson Legion

    I'd love to join you guy's guild :3