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  1. Blademaster PVP road to plat

    Saw it on your tube before you posted it here. It is idd as awesome as the ones before. Well done!
  2. Nerf Stalker boss 4th floor

    Haha, yeah starting to see a pattern here. This class is op, that class is op. Content is boring, content is easy. Content is too hard. Ex De.
  3. My experience pvping as a BM

    tfw whe there is no lvl 50, and the lvls you are referring to is hongmoon lvls. :p
  4. My experience pvping as a BM

    Hello fellow BM, I agree with you to about 99%. Also after the patch I'm having even more trouble against summoners and blade dancers. Thing is I know I just suck at the game, and there are some BM at high rating already. Really I think BM might have too high a skill ceiling for me. I tried KFM and I had great success getting into gold almost immidiately. But my BM is cruising just under the 1600 mark. I don't have any of the hongmoon special skills and I don't know how to get them. So I wouldn't know.
  5. Arena Matching

    Back to the topic, I know it can be boring to lvl. The Arena is accessable at lower levels to get a feel for the pvp. (At least that's what I'd like to think) And yes, it is kind of weird that they don't have a balancing system for lvl x vs lvl x. But that's just how it is. Also, I've seen this topic several times already. There is no need to make several threads about this, just post in one of the previous ones. Use the search function! Good luck in the Arena!
  6. Arena Matching

    When we are on the subject of psychic ability, I will predict your immediate future for only 7.99!
  7. Real talk about BM please

    Hello, I'm in the same spot. I am around 1650-1700 but I can't seem to climb. I do have problems with destroyer and summoner but assassin is just impossible for me. I've watched some videos as well, from Second and some other korean players. But yeah, I can't seem to beat one to save my own life.
  8. I guess it would have been nice to have the level match other levels in arena. My toon is 45 tho so I can't say that it really bothers me. What they should do is have one spec for arena where you have all your skill points. And then one for when you are outside, with that we would not have to bother with tedious tasks as leveling to 45 which after the second or third character can be a bore.
  9. Proper dungeon etiquette

    Hey great post man. Launching bosses seriously triggers me.
  10. Stupid. Rate. Of. Drop.

    I know that it can be frustrating, but this topic doesn't belong in the Arena forums.
  11. Blademaster PVPing 'n' chilling.

    I just love BM. And yes I will keep on training. I usually don't tilt. Will look forward to your future BM video "pwnage".
  12. Blademaster PVPing 'n' chilling.

    Hello sir, gotta say. Holy smokes that was an awesome video. I am an blade master myself, and a beginner at that. Please make more of these videos!