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  1. Crashes Caused by Razer and ASUS Services

    Don't have any of this shit and still crash, and now it's worse I can't even load game without it crashing. Not to mention 80 dollars went out the window and I can't even play and enjoy my Premium services, nor will they refund it because I used NCoins. I even offered for them to delete my characters and refund me but nope didn't do it.
  2. GTX 750 Issue

  3. I read online and saw someone say to use ThrottleStop, so far for me I haven't crashed since using it. Here's a youtube video of how it works/how to use it. I hope this helps someone else, I'll keep you updated if this keeps me from crashing for good or not. Also I set Power Settings to "High Performance", also in the Nvidia Control panel I set it to "High" there as well under 3D settings. I don't know if this is a fix or not but so far it's working for me.
  4. GTX 750 Issue

    I get this on Ccleaner after crashing, any ideas? Could this be what's causing some of our issues? I thought I was doing good after a few days of game not crashing then I started the crash loop again. ;|
  5. The game randomly crashes my pc

    I have Asus ROG GJA20 with GTO 750 and I've tried everything as well, and still have crashing, and NO I'm NOT USING RAZER or whatever the Asus BG program is. I am going to the bigger source for help now, Asus themselves. I've only had this PC for less than a year, I'm hoping they'll offer me a way to send this PC in and pay the difference towards a newer/upgraded model. Any possibilities of this happening? Honestly I wish I had someone to just make my PC but the only person I knew who could moved away sadly, and I don't want to trust some random person I don't feel confident in making my PC for me, also I don't really have the funds right now. I just want to play the game, and ASUS PCs were said to be pretty dang nice but I feel rather let down by both ASUS and Nvidia and also this game which is mysteriously causing conflicts for quite a lot of people. (GAMEGUARD)
  6. Show off your characters!!

    This is just the best, hands down! lol
  7. Show off your characters!!

    Oh My God, that is the best one so far. He's so loveable! :D @ what he reposted. :3 Don Alezandro.
  8. Game Crashes Computer (Black Screen)

    Asus GJA20 with Nvidia GTX 750.
  9. Fix the queue times.

    Why the heck would I pay to wait 45 minutes let alone 25 minutes just to play a game? Especially one that causes crashing issues that NO OTHER MMO causes with my current PC.
  10. GTX 750 Issue

    I wish I had that kind of money and I just bought this dang PC last March. :|
  11. Fix the queue times.

    Mushin, and now Poharan. I'm not waiting 25 minutes every time the game crashes for whatever reason because they won't try to fix the issue. It seems that it's affecting quite a handful of people, only to have to sit in queues yet again even if we're Premium members.
  12. GTX 750 Issue

    I have an Asus GJA20 and GTX 750 and same issues. :| Tried everything, getting frustrated.
  13. Fix the queue times.

    Hey smart *** I have a Premium membership and I STILL wait in a long *** Queue, so getting a Premium membership doesn't really fix anything. =.= Next time don't be so ignorant and rude please. Crashing does NOT help us at all, and requeue when we change characters? lol
  14. New Servers Incoming

    Define " a little bit". And you don't understand how frustrating it is to be playing for hours and get random crash and have to wait yet again in another 25+ minute queue.