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  1. Blue bar BM tab

    Greeting, i don't know where find this blue bar tab in the settings..... help?
  2. Friendlist blank page

    Greeting, I have none friendslist when there add me i guess it's mine friendslist bug then i have contact BnS support there said can't help i dunno what to do now O_O
  3. Blade and Soul

    Hi guys when you press F8 going to lobby like PVE and PVP 6vs 6 but what is name song? seem like soundtrack anyone konw something?
  4. Server

    By The way can we another server asking joinin party cannot but only cross server?
  5. Give me Premium gift
  6. What the heck?!

    I stolen Money player i may that doing :D
  7. Clan

    I can't delete clan i am leader :|
  8. Prob server?

    char does't showing? have 2 days before can't go inside server but next 9 pm can do t/m 12:00 am? what is wrong witch client?