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  1. Luzt, I will do. I'll join this weekend.
  2. Killiefish I would be fine with the loot system if the drop rates were better. I would have no complaints. I am just returning so I am seeing how difficult it is for a new player to start this game first hand. You almost have to p2w in the beginning or land in a good guild where people will help you. When I quit BNS, it was because the upgrades on the equips were crazy (Not so bad anymore). I spent a year farming the same dungeon over and over and never got the ring when it did drop because I was always outbid. So I said screw it and quit. That was back in 2017. The fun
  3. Naw I don't agree at all, I truly think you missed the whole point I was making. It's only better for players who have money. When I first started playing this game, it took 4 months just to see one leg drop from farming dungeons and still got out bided. Yea I make gold on the back end from the bids but its nothing compared to getting the equips and getting stronger so players will allow you to join them in raids. Legs are super rare to see because the drop rate suck hence only players with the most money can get them.
  4. This looting system reminds me of life. If your poor and weak you stay that way because the rich will take everything even if they don't need it. You will eventually get stronger but never as fast as the rich. I just returned to playing this game, even purchased the yearly membership. Been having a need to play an MMO and I wish I would have chosen a different game. I just found out that if you make to much gold-selling items in the auction house you get a commission charge too. So I have to pay to list the item and give up two cuts when I sell the item. My mind has melted. When I first start
  5. I just got home, I am going to uninstall the game and reinstall it and see if it works.
  6. I haven't played in a year or two so I am a returning player. I got the yearly membership right off the back. I have been making my way through the story quest and when I make it to "Follow Kangsan through the Devine Gate" the game will go to the loading screen and load forever. I have to force close the game using alt, control , and delete. Second the daily dash wont let me spin. I thought I was just a glitch but this is the third day with me not being able to spin on the daily dash. Next some of the story quest item wont let me open them. The game seems a lot more glitchy that it was when it
  7. Hi. Char name : Hitomisusuna Server: yura I cant submit a ticket, it won't allow me to. Also I cant claim my treasure trove event items. Also when my team completed fallen aransu school I was not able to clam the rewards. I have taken pictures of both issues HI,
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