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  1. Mushin Tower Ranking

    It's called "burst" for a reason, and for me 6m in 3-4s is not that much to suprise. Plus, it's not even cheating. A party with 4 gunner max gear with bb and wl can kill Acrimor in 15 sec, so I dont see any problem here.
  2. Mushin Tower Ranking

    Even if pre-stack is fixed. Those top rankings still stay the same, people with high-end gears. Then what's the different for fixing it? 6v6 and Yunsang are for whales, not normies. You can't expect a Raven 6, no VT badge and stuff to fast kill Yunsang anyway.
  3. Mushin Tower Ranking

    Simple, top ranking people don't record their run because they don't want people to know their tactics for fast kill and takes over their places. Plus, stacking raven buff is not an exploit and anyone can do it. Just hit Yunsang until you get 4 raven stacks then reset and fight him again. To kill Yunsang under 5s as a melee you need end-game gears + VT badge and it only works if you're SF and Sin.
  4. They probably will add exchange vendor for that so no worries. It should be Tiger / Dragon + x3 Yunsang bead / Stone of Wisdom for the opposite one.
  5. Also, Mechanizer weapon box, that dungeon is not rewarding anymore. Unless it's on the list of daily challenge, people won't make any IF party. Not to mention, the drop rate of weapon box is super low, too. I've run that dungeon for like 40+ and only see 1 weapon box.
  6. So, I heard that if we use the voucher to level up new character. We won't be able to receive 65 event bells as it skips Act 4, Chapter 38. I need clarification on this before I use my voucher to level up my gunslinger.
  7. 90g to mail gems between characters

    Well, totally agree. The new gem transfer price is ridiculous and I don't know why NC did this. As a F2P player, do 2 character's purple train is my only daily income, now with the change, a full run couldn't even cover the gem transfer.
  8. Awakened Skill FM

    Honestly, I don't understand what OP mean by fm has mediocare dps and why fm's dmg is not 30-40% bigger than others? Most of Fms I know have big ass dps and their awakened dragonchar wreck every bosses. Plus, FM is easier to play than other classes, most classes need their hm pills or chilling flame to become strong while FM isn't. FM was never considered as "weak class" and unnecessary in f8 due to high, constant dps and party iframe.
  9. Twisted Mirror is too expensive

    And that my friend, is bs! The whales you speak of is no where to find. Since most of them have enough gold to upgrade Raven, why they have to bother to change the weapon. And as I can see, some "FMs" go for seraph and already reached stage 4-6 with full of pinacle, those are the people who need to change their weapons. But with the bs price right now, it's impossible.
  10. Well, what happened to my fps NCSoft, it's been awfully bad yesterday and today is totally unplayable. Constant 5-6 fps when engaging in combat. Yesterday, before the mini patch it's still playable, 40-60 fps (still less than Tuesday, 70++ fps). I demand an answer for this question ASAP. It's literally unplayable now. Put Trove aside, fix this first. Jesus.
  11. Yeah, this should be applied to the game. Like Pulse and Skyrift badge, you'll need 20 feathers to switch between them. Same goes to accessories and weapons. I'm sick with RNG in this game, it's never in my favor.
  12. Loot Hack.

    This is a well-known bug. By keeping the loot list full, the key can take all the items. Its been here since they introduce naryu labyrinth and ncsoft haven't fixed it yet. Some people did take advantage of this bug back then. Memories.
  13. Ivory Scales?

    Question: So cold storage will require only 1 white orb to open or it still needs 3?
  14. Marketplace prices

    hmm let's say there's a new material coming up. Who'll be the one that decide the price? Ncsoft? or the players? Then it gives another scenario, what if Ncsoft set a material's price too high? For example, a 100g item in player opinion, but 1000g as base price since it's a "rare" drop? Ncsoft has to make a poll to gather players' opinion? Then what's the different with the current system except it's harder to use?
  15. Why the heck Blade and Soul does not have shared achievements? Enlighten me folks. What's the problems if we implement this into the game? Or are you an M who love to run 100 times yeti or monkey for 9 ap on alts? :thinking: