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  1. If you preview or already own Crimson Legion mask called "Assassin Cloth" you can see, that it doesn't match any of Crimson Legion outfits (Default/Officer/Elite/Elite Initiate). Can't they change color of it to match it? It's not like it'd be hard to do... Plus... Why is it even like that? Cerulean Order has nicely matching one, but us Crimson Legioners have all outfits red (one orange) and suddenly mask purple...
  2. [Fixed] Invisible players

    In my CBT3 first two arenas my opponents were invisible. Once I restarted and went Arenas, it was all good few matches but then again, my opponent second round turned invisible. So I went 3v3 for quest. Found out that I can't see even my allies and when I told my team that I'm sorry I'm not much of help that I have everyone invisible, they told me that they have it the same. I just left Arenas since it was pointless against completely invisible enemies. Found out that I can't see any of players even in normal world. Only NPCs, but not players.
  3. Clan name criterias

    What are the clan name criterias? Like can it have spaces? Symbols? Minimum characters? Maximum characters? Can name involve adult content (18+)?