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  1. Nvidia 750ti Optimal Settings

    Hi, I see you're with NVIDIA, check out this guide Also other things to maximise your FPS: Open task manager>Details>Set Client.exe (of BnS) to high priority (Do this everytime u log in) With EVGA precision, check KBoost if thats possible Unpark your CPU (check google guide) That's all I did (plus the youtube guide above which is most important) and my FPS increased significantly,
  2. F>LMB cancel interrupts

    Thanks guys, I'm from Australia would it be possible to lower ping if I switch to a European server? Update: NO
  3. F>LMB cancel interrupts

    Hi guys, I'm from Australia and my ping to the server is usually 190ms. I'm feeling I lose a lot of DPS already because i can't spam flicker or sunder as fast (at best 2 flickers or 2 sunders a second with max boost and attk training). I try to overcome this by cancelling F>LMB, as i feel it's not as bad, however, when I do I encounter a problem. Whenever an additional electric focus is received, the lightning flash icon seems to have a yellow brim to it on the screen, and at that moment no matter how many times I press F lightning flash just won't cast. This only last for like half a second or so, but enough to hinder smooth cancelling and, again, affect my dps. P/s: the only moment I know I can do smooth cancelling is when lightning surge runs out and I still have 2 or 3 electric focuses left. This is when I can cancel smoothly because no additional electric focus will be received (either thru critical flicker or flaming scourge). My question is, how can I overcome this? Is it a common problem and I just have to put up with it? Can I somehow overcome the "unable to cast F" window? Again, I hope it is not my ping doing this, because I CAN do smooth cancelling at times (like above). If it really still is because of the ping, I might just quit blade dancer and move onto another class that is not as ping dependant.