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  1. This is my first post here, because i think this is the real thing that is gamebreaking now, i won't accept answers like - "Play with your friends" -, because yes, if play with my friend this problem wouldn't exists, but think about all those people that are in this game ALSO for making new friends, they play with random people. And now to the actual problem: In cross server dungeon you can ANYTIME you want change the loot system WITHOUT the agreement of the rest of the party. This is just nonsense. It happened again to me, this is getting really bad, i know that a thread with the same content has been closed recently, so try to be polite this time and just let devs see how important this question is. The solutions for this problem are: 1) The change loot system should require the agreement of all party member to change. 2) You cannot change loot system while in battle stance. 3) In cross server dungeon there should be the chance to vote for the majority to kick someone (often toxic player). Thanks for reading, and again try to be polite for the wellness of the game.