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  1. Skill discussion: Smash

    Arena wise, Execute (Stage 3) is a viable skill to spec into, dealing substantial damage, but you have to ensure you get all the hits in, which takes about 1.5 - 2 seconds. That is quite a long time, and good situations to use it is somewhat limited. With that said, the 3 points spent here may be better spent somewhere else.
  2. Patch Notes

    I can't help but feel this nerf is solely focused on the Destroyer's effectiveness against Summoners, as I do not need the AOE of either skill otherwise. Extremely frustrating!

    Blade Dancers are like Destroyers focused on DPS (on steroids might I add), putting us at a natural disadvantage if we blow our CC and escapes carelessly. The advantage we have is the fact that they think we will be a walkover, and tend to be more reckless with their attacks, at least in the first round. Against them, I use a Piledriver build, focused on doing as much as possible and keeping them in the air as much as the possible to minimize their damage. With that said, they will be able to escape your first few holds, so always be prepared to dash back or Hurricane out of the way once they do, to prevent them from gaining momentum. If you wish to go for the animation cancel build, you will have to lure or carry them to a corner or edge to make tech follows more predictable. Things to look out for: Vortex - Functions the same way as our Hurricane, just a tad less damage. This means that they can either spec into 400% defense, or more commonly, the 0.5s parry. Guardian Tempest - Visualised as a lone floating blade sword circling around their body. Lasts for 5 seconds, this essentially will make them iframe every single thing you do on them. When this happens, move away. Usually popped after recovery from a CC state and in close proximity of you, so they can use their other skills with little worry. Flock of Swords - See swords flying around them? Lighting striking you from the heavens? RUN.
  4. Lag/delay in attacks

    Same here. It seems the connection to the server has both high latency and spikes. In a normal MMO, e.g. Aion, this shouldn't matter as much due to the mechanics of the game. But for Blade & Soul, where timing is crucial, it gets downright frustrating when even basic attacks have up to 2 seconds of delay. The crazy part is, connecting from Singapore, that is half the time then those complains from players in North America! I'm hoping the game is currently not on servers meant for the official release. If it is, I might just have to refund my Master Pack.