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  1. KoldSoul

    Super Raid?

    yeah I've heard that one was poorly received though, nobody really does it
  2. KoldSoul

    Super Raid?

    Hey guys, just general discussion here but I was curious if there's been any thought given to creating like, a 40 or so man minimum (but scaling difficulty based on # of participants), legitimate clan raid? Perhaps with a weekly clan buff that stacks 4 times and resets every month? Just thinking out loud here for ways to get large clans all playing together? Thoughts?
  3. Yeah it sucks you guys are having the same problem. We've been continuing to participate, and are currently ranked 15 in NA, which should be a REALLY good bonus increase, but still only getting 50%. It would be nice if the GM's could reply to this with any kind of update to a solution, instead of sweeping it under the rug, like it would seem they have done up til now.
  4. Nah we don't do alt clan. I've been the battleground commander all season.
  5. I've submit a ticket to support, who have basically told me they know that some clans are not getting their ranking bonuses (XP, peaches, battle points) and they have no solution for it. More importantly i've been told even if they had a solution they would be unable to discuss it directly with me. They've also refused to discuss reimbursement for lost weeks of bonuses. This is ridiculous. Anybody else noticed that their clan isn't getting their ranking bonus? - xKold, Prevail, Yura
  6. I too have been experiencing this for months. Went through a string of about 20 email exchanges with support, who eventually said, "Sorry, we're not sure what's causing your problem". If anyone has any possible solutions I'd love to hear them.
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