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  1. Lvl 60 Voucher questions

    I'm having issues using this voucher on an existing character. I'm not sure how to resolve the issue here. It's readily available, but whenever I click the boost on the character screen, it has me "confirm" the voucher, but then doesn't give me options on what character to boost.
  2. Did anyone else get prompted to set a pin?

    It appears they will be implementing PINs with your log in, most likely to deter casual botters. If it is not asking you to submit a PIN twice and tries to connect to the servers after submission, you have successfully activated the PIN you will be using when the game launches. Be sure not to forget it!
  3. Question about Hongmoon Shop & Outfits

    You just missed out on the sales period is all. It'll be like that in live. Make sure to be online and ready when they release limited time cosmetics!
  4. Honestly there would be multiple problems with that given that the name can only be used once in the region. The name is reserved on your account, therefore claimed on all servers when reserved due to it being unique. However, it can only be used once on one server once you've chosen.
  5. Well, from what I understand from it, the game won't try to connect to the server until you've entered the PIN. So I'm pretty sure you can just sit on the PIN screen and wait for 6pm PST instead of launching over and over until it lets you through like in beta.
  6. Game Client Download Link

    Don't forget servers are going to be randomized. You don't wanna rush too fast and pick the wrong server ;)
  7. Removing the pantyhose from the NA costume. How could you?

    I don't mind it, cause either way it looks nice. Though if I was the one who created the costume, I would feel a little insulted that they didn't include a big detail like such as that. Maybe they asked Esyllincott if they could modify it. Who knows. I'm just happy that they were able to include the community.
  8. Stuck on the loading Screen?!

    What Zofi said.
  9. Importance of Choosing Servers

    Doesn't affect gameplay at all. Mushin just happened to be the main hub server for NA since it was the go to server in Alpha/Beta. People meet friends and want to stay together, so they'll pick a server which is most familiar to them. You don't HAVE to go to Mushin/Windrest.
  10. Potential Gunner/Archer Class Incoming

    People say WL, Summoner, and FM aren't related to martial arts, but they're indeed related to Chi. Using inner spirit energy to invoke magic which is relevant in Blade and Soul. Sorry, but I just can't see Master Hong teaching someone in the way of gun slinging. It's not his style. I'd be really thrilled if they introduced something like Bo Staffs (Sun Wukong style), Spears/Polearms, or maybe even a Dual Wield type class. Just please no... no guns.
  11. Vote for B&S in MMO Reader's Choice Awards!

    Is there any way I can downvote this?
  12. Is NA Blade and Soul Worth Playing?

    Of course it's worth playing. We'll have our very own version! Yes, it kinda sucks we won't have all the content right away, but that's to be expected in any new MMO released here in NA. We'll be updating rather quickly, because NCWest wishes to compete at world PvP events. **Also, NC needs to pull in players here at home, so putting in all the content at once or too quickly would do more harm to the playerbase more than it would help it. We need players to be able to learn, anticipate, be interested, and occupied. Not bored, confused, or out of things to do right away. Veterans aren't the only audience Blade and Soul has. Just have some patience.
  13. Still paying $360 even if they gave 50 pouches to each character. Though it's more attractive than $495.