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  1. Server Freeze and DC

    few colleges do have courses that focus on IA/CD NSA based degree's, and they even hire directly from those schools because of it, it's just very few schools have those degree's or opportunities making such schools to pursue a masters or higher very expensive. My school has that degree, and I hate to think what it's going to cost when it's all said and done tbh. But the end result justifies the means. I have no problem with his post, again just sharing info. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. I'm just bored as well, come home at 8 o clock and my unwind time is constantly down (the game). Just passing time, I don't usually post on forum's but hey there is a first for everything I guess right? The part that sucks is the busier my life gets the less time I have for these games, which just sucks all together.
  2. Server Freeze and DC

    Basic would be IT or IT management, not NSA cyber defense focused information assurance, huge difference, and definitely not a common course you find in any college. Let alone as cheap. Either way, whether you do or don't believe, means nothing to me, after all was just sharing knowledge. But to each their own, have a great time in the game :)
  3. Server Freeze and DC

    Understood, but I have no reason to deceive anyone, after all I don't know anyone here and telling anyone what I study doesn't do me any good other then showing the knowledge we learn in our studies. If people have to make up stories about whether they are in school and for what, then they are sad sad souls. Yet like you said it is the internet and some people like the attention I guess, usually identitied by those that have 900+ posts however :) My next class is in January, I guess I could always post my transcripts here once class starts up again?
  4. Server Freeze and DC

    Very true, but the reality behind these attacks, being my career field is in cyber security information assurance on a government level, can tell you that a lot of these companies build security patch's but don't actually invest in anything but basic DDoS protection. DDoS protection is billed / built on the basis of how much traffic can you handle simultaneous before your servers freeze up. Some Corporations, at least the ones I have seen in big government, can handle hundred of gigs of traffic or more before going down. I'm hoping to graduate into a career in the NSA, so something like this is a big part of my study, sadly just not on a public level.
  5. Server Freeze and DC

    Different games yes, but the same back end data-center, main servers go down, they all go down, separate game or not.
  6. Server Freeze and DC

    All this money they get from monthly subs, micro-transactions from all their fashion, items, etc, and NCSoft, you mean to tell us you can't afford a proper DDoS protection or Hot Swap servers to keep the servers running smoothly? LOL what do we pay you for then?
  7. Its the macro software that gets people banned 100% of the time, and people have to realize that in almost all mmo's, if your caught with that software running = ban, because some people just can't play with the program honestly. Should be rule of thumb by now you would think.
  8. Is this ban worthy?

    That's what I'm saying, let them try ha ha ha. They don't know brah ;)
  9. Is this ban worthy?

    Weak people shouldn't make threats, especially if you know nothing about us.

    Its obvious what it is, but an official confirmation they are not allowed to give.

    I wish everyone else could understand that some spoiled brat somewhere is doing this and not NcSoft lmfao

    The more transparent you are about why they are crashing instead of apologizing the more people are apt to understand and support you. Ijs.

    if you look at the load speed of the client, the forums, and more, it becomes pretty almost positively clear they are suffering from a ddos. give them time to weed out the problem.