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  1. I'm always trying to learn mechanics from these new dungeons(last time i played Irontech Forge was hardest if i'm not mistaken) but most people don't really care to explain, they're like "just buff up(i'm WL) and dps, don't worry about mech", even a brief explanation is hard. But i'm doing as u said, at the moment my weap is sitting at Aransu 7, got cosmic soul already and now upgrading Heart, farmed MSP to get Emperor's Tomb soul shield. but as you said, the game force everyone into dungeons to play events...
  2. return of materials

    Same here. I received more Moonstones than Elysian orbs.
  3. I'm having a hard time to get party for Dreamsong Theater... Everyone asks for GC+9 Burst ++++++ I'm almost 1.5k AP Don't have much problem to find party for Warpd Citadel and Brood Chamber..... But that Dreamsong Theater... Now we have na event bound to it and i simply can't find a party or whatever to get the Keys from it.
  4. Aboslutely unacceptable

    @Laura099 @Grimoir i see... Thanks for the info!
  5. Aboslutely unacceptable

    Noob question: How can i get Garnet without Scales? (i'm returning player)
  6. Faction Uniforms help

    Hi, thanks for your fast response! There is something i forgot to mention... I'm trying to submit a ticket but it Always redirect me to my "Account settings".
  7. Hello, recently i started playing again and somehow the game gave me 3 new faction uniforms(Blackram, Stratus Empire and Bamboo Guard), however, i already had those uniforms on my Wardrobe and i can't get ride of these 3 uniforms... Isn't there a way to remove or delete it? Cause inventory slots are limited(unless u donate to increass it) and i can't have 3 slot occupied with repeated uniforms...
  8. This isnt fair

    Can we "buy" only 1 Ncoin?
  9. Regarding Your Efforts to "Help" People Gear Up

    These events bound to a dungeon aren't that good, besides the reward it will give at the end of it(in this case, Awakened Soul). I just started playing again this month, 1st june, to be exatcly... I'm sitting at 1060AP, have Oath Neck, Tiger Bracelet, Eternity Belt, Hongmoon Energy Stage9, Pet stage 5, Green/Blue soul badge(i'm Warlock) and also both mystic badges, weapon is Seraph Stage 12(trying to get Raven atm), also have both shadow accessory from Skybreak Spire... And still get kicked from IF + EL party at lobby, sometimes they even kick me from NS, asking 1.1k+ AP or even 1.2k+, plus raven weapon... I have tried to make my own party, but people join, look my gear and then kick, i spend alot of time at lobby trying to complete this event... Have managed to complete it few times daily, but it's very hard...
  10. Merry Potter Removal Compensation, thank you!

    "AT LEAST" level two with the Merry Potters guild and has logged in "AT LEAST" once since March 13, 2017.
  11. Restarting questline Mushin Tower

    You better ask support to reset this quest in particular, i also had problem in mushin to enable "13th floor ticket" Even through i did all the mushin progress from Floor 1 to 15 with quest & etc i still couldn't use the ticket, only support could help me, they reseted all progress then i did everything again in order to activate it.
  12. Lets hit on Asura weapon chest, again

    Really, boy? Because i'm Rank10 premium and can't get 210g in 2 days only from daily + all F8 dungeons... Unless it drop any legendary accessories and someone bid some amount, or if i sell Elisyan Orbs(in case i get any from dynamic boxes)... So don't make false testment...
  13. Evolved Stone Availability

    Hello, i appreciate this change, however i'd like to question about those Bosses Health Points? They will be raised? Because they have low HP and as it will be a source of Evolved Stones, majority of players will be farming it, and will cause them to die alot fast. Thanks in advance!
  14. New & confused about Premium

    No, you rarely will get Dragon Pouch(item needed to expand it) from Daily Dash, or you can buy from F10 Today's Special itens when they're put at a lower price, limited to 10 itens, then wait til Today's Special put it again to sell, this is how i expand it on my alt atm. With my main i did expand inventory + vault during Lv45 patch, also have premium 10 since then... Premium is worth only when it reaches Lv9 rank, benefits are really good, specially for the vault option that u can use from anywhere, even inside a dungeon while in cross server. Also the Exp Boost is pretty good, if you do all dailies + 24man daily aswell for exp. Also if you like to arena/battleground pvp you get extra currency that can be used to purchase chests that gives you soulstone + moonstone(somewhat hard to farm the moonstone), also you get extra 30%(Lv10 rank only) peach from Celestial Basim that can be used to purchase core upgrade materials such as Forging Orbs, Xanos Disc...
  15. Dear Ncsoft, can you please stop rushing updates in our faces?

    It's not a must to have HM10 or HM15 or HM20...Also, all the current content and that new one coming in June will be in Silverfrost region that means, u'll keep doing the current content and the new one at the same place. If the NA/EU keep up the updates and adding new things just like Taiwan did/do, won't be hard for new comers... I say that cuz i played there, and from what i see, NA is following it, not 100%, but around 80% is exactly as there.