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  1. "Preview all the item and system changes in our article here." Where is the article?
  2. SS - farm prevent

    just another material locked behind pvp.
  3. We've finally gone full on p2w boyos!

    Yes, it's strong af. I see many Sins holding 8mi+ dps during raids... Not to mention their burst in short fights.... That @kiroasw looks like someone from staff trying to whiteknight their own company... 1 post? really?
  4. Cowards devs/staff

    Ofc they never knew better and will be know any new player who start it. Recentlly, when i started playing again, ii bring 4 friends to play with me, and they barely played for a month before going to Lost ark, even with me helping them with dungeons+VT(i even took them to msp so they could farm TT soulshield), cause the progression was terrible and not friendly to new players... Not to mention they blamed alot the game optimiization, and all of them having high end PCs... and guess what? their experience was terrible...
  5. About Soul and Cost Reduction

    It's free... As long as you sit on PC from friday til monday's reset and farm MSP non-stop for 72 hours :3
  6. Soul cost adjustments?

    Actually it's now 3 Oils(from 1)... Awakened hongmoon/ascending soul now also need one Oil, and True form is using 2 from 1...
  7. Producer’s Letter – February 2020 Update

    Looking for the "info we won't fine anywhere else" cause i can't find it at this letter aswell... Where is it? Everything in there was already expected by everyone who take a look at RU Community or Twitch Streams from KR players. And what is all that talk in the video... those questions... who the hell made up those questions? pure non-sense...
  8. I fixed the Developer Q&A

    and they keep trashing Warlocks even more... Just look at Leech's animation... looks like they increass animation time with every new patch... Basically it's a skill i don't use anymore cause if i want to use it i'm forced to stop my rotation(scourge) to cast it and it's stupid animation make dps go to ground...
  9. Cowards devs/staff

    Not to mention it was already pathetic the amount of crystals needed for first True hoongmoon soul + 1 oil, now they reduced the crystals needed but added 2 extra oil to it. Cosmic soul now have an extra 5 oils as "cost adjustment". NcWest just want to push away new players from game while expect old players to quit, thats the only reason.
  10. Soul cost adjustments?

    They don't care.
  11. They probably would add it at the cost of 1 ncoin each heart.
  12. Make the badge exchange valuable

    Was about to say that. A friend was trying to exchange those and couldn't and now those badges are useless.
  13. Yeah, thats the sad story for non-premium.
  14. Actually, premium members get 3 keys. at 30mins, 1hour, 1:30hours.
  15. Soul cost adjustments?

    Initial hongmoon soul now needs 2 oils(before it was 1). Cosmic soul now needs 10 oils(before we just needed 5 oil + crystals). Nice move.