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  1. To people complaining about KFMs in PvP

    oh, another one is those FMs and Summoners who can hover or float mid air... lolz its so kebab to fight those hack users.
  2. To people complaining about KFMs in PvP

    If i fought a KFM and lose, i will never bother about it unless the KFM can teleport whenever i cast stun or position swap on him, see and hit me with his skills even when im in hidden and hes in blind, or hes using a gaming mouse auto key configuration to anicancel and spam ^__^
  3. Anglers Watch moonstone trasgender stones... oops transformation stones i mean are now being sold at 5g4*s on average and on supply peak times they are being sold at 4g5*s ^___^ i bought all those 3g's MTS ^_~ sorry.
  4. Spiders why Spiders

    I have no fear in spiders, or snakes, or dogs, or dragons, or nuclear bombs...and i do love kebabs... but i understand how someone feels and how hard it is to have this psychological fears or trauma... I have a sister, a gorgeous beautiful sadistic kraken sister that also have a fear with spiders when shes young until shes a lil younger (age 5-20ish)... she always screams her intestines out when she sees one... even when she watch a bugs life!!! even that spider in twilight!!! also in Frozen!!! and as a good samaritan younger brother, i have to do something about it.... so what i did is... I put plastic spider in her bed each and every morning ^____^ as usual, she screams, curse me, beat me most of the time, kicks my balls, thank heavens they still work, bang my head on the wall etc... but after 4-5 months of doing this almost everyday, one day she woke up and i heard her laugh... i was like... HUH? THE FQ? DID MY SIS GET CRAZY? OMFG WHAT HAVE I DONE!!! and when i enter her room, there she is, wearing her panjamas, smiling at me, like one of those sadistic horror movies possessed by devilish spirits...and shes holding the spider in her hands... YEP SHES HOLDING THE PLASTIC SPIDER IN HER HANDS!!!! i was like... DaFQ? and then i realize that slowly she became immune to her fears... we talked for a while and i found out that when she woke up, the 1st thing she thought of when she saw the spider is... "Oh my fqing stupid brother put this PLASTIC SPIDER AGAIN" and boom! shes not afraid of the plastic spider anymore!!! i did this again, and again and again... she basically became immune with it! then one day, she went to the bathroom...she screamed "MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i rushed to the bathroom, there my sister, sitting under the shower, wet and wearing okay lets move on.... and she said... "Hey! LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!" there she was... holding a small spider in her hand... a live wrigling spider!!! ^___^ You see, everyone have a fear of something... the best way to overcome this is find something that represents ur fear.. face it... get used to it... learn ur fears nature.... and one day... u might become friends with ur fear ^___^ Thank you for reading this and i hope anyone who have fear will overcome their fear of something... *hand over a BBQ Cerulean Kebab*
  5. Bosses, Aggro, and Resets and the Frustration...

    its written there... yeah i know.... no need to mention it.
  6. Blackwyrm

    i have no idea what u guys are doing... but i do love blackwyrm meat kebab... if u cant tank it, then dont... who said u need to tank bosses to kill em? ask a assassin for Crickets sake! if u cant kill it, then dont! Hit the boss, move far away, far far away, far away, far away, then let them kill it...and dont make ur life harder than a cerulean gon face meat... i honestly boiled it for a week...still its hard as a moonstone! Cerulean lyn butt meat kebab is much softer and tastier btw...
  7. Bosses, Aggro, and Resets and the Frustration...

    u wanna quit because of bosses resets? can someone give this guy a beef flavored cerulean gon kebab! dude, honestly, the game is amazing and it does have broken stuff on it... but quiting wont solve the issue... come here, another bbq squid flavored tempura kebab... Just a friendly advice... u play games to have fun... if ur not having fun then either ur playing the wrong game, or the ur playing the wrong game...either which, play other game and quit this one. yeah i know.... no need to mention it.
  8. Are KFM's OP at 45 PvP?

    KFMs can be powerful even on early levels IF they know how to play with other classes. My deepest most sincere respect to all KFMs.
  9. Proof - Developers DO listen

    oh, chat spam doesnt exist in our clan chat channel ^___^ just a few cerulean kebab spams lolzzz
  10. Master loot is an issue

    How about, we remove the leader dung on the xserver ^__^ seriously, whats the use of this party leader anyway???
  11. Read Before you go Tru Siren!.

    hi fellas... dont get too serious about stuff for now.. .theres still legendary weapons to think u even have any idea on how much it will cost to make 1 legendary weapon??? wahahah HERE to give u an idea... and heres a kebab for your dropped jaw...
  12. mouse and ban

    but a default DeLL mouse and keyboard, or ask a friend is u have one, then learn how to combo with ur fingers while eating Cerulean kebab... boom ur a Skilled PRO after a few months... ^_~
  13. money scammers.

    this is the main reason why i use prepaid cards and not my CC on internet transactions...
  14. A real summoner!

    a real summoner? why? theres a fake summoner? hm... made me wonder... theres a real kebab and fake kebab? how can u tell the difference? is it the taste? or the sauce? hmm....
  15. How much would these cost?

    O_o lag? T___T im playing on low settings u know... and i have 50+ - 70+ Fps u know... i even killed a lvl 45 and 41 in open pvp u know... why u hate my system so much? T___T no kebabs for u!