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  1. Zoom resets very often

    that would be nice indeed
  2. Faulty chat filters

    Yup, also I have experienced that issue with the filter, drove me nuts so i dicided not to type and leave the filter on...also can there be a little button to minimize the chatbox?
  3. Salvage problem

    I thought that window said; please type "Salvage" to salvage this item
  4. movement bug

    i noticed that too, and while windrunning pressing the W and A keys then let loose of the A key my character didn't change direction as if i was still holding the W and A keys.
  5. Cannot mine Viridian Quartz.

    i had the same thing when i tried to collect a sample of granite for the stonecutters, the one near the broken cart, i have tried all the channels and relogging even restarting the game