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  1. Ncsoft Banned me for useing Avast VPN

    VPN is not allowed anyway. You are playing from some country which is restricted so everything is ok. Serves you right.
  2. 5 Gold Secret Quest

    what makes a player better than bot if he uses cheats? everyone who got banned used exploits, 3rd party programs or other illegal stuff so please...
  3. these PvE crying kids..omg its so unfair..NOT first of all, even PvP player need to do PvE to progress. So why should only PvE players have an advantage? They can farm mats all day long while PvP players can farm beans for soulstones only.
  4. 11k dmg from KFM

    that video is so...good =D
  5. Deflect Bug?

    its all about skill priority. KFM have lowest of all classes. So when such situation happens, BD skill will work while KFM's not. Same happens against BM when using 2 (sommersault kick) when KFM is knocked down. BM can cancel it, yet description says that opponent is dazed on successful skill, which automatically should daze him but that never happens. BM's skill have higher priority so in that situation his skill gonna work while KFM's not. Something like that.
  6. Summoners are not the problem

    mm ok..about kfms.. You say they can do lots of mistakes? hell if i do one mistake i get my ass kicked. If i fail my 3RF combo when i have an opportunity, i can get my ass kicked. If i use TAB in wrong moment, i'll get my ass kicked. No, kfm gets punished really hard for mistakes. Now, i dont know where you got an idea about KFM's iframes. There are 3 skills with iframes (4 if specc'd another skill) which lasts 1 sec only. Oh and we cant CC you forever. First we need to force you to use your TAB escape. Then catch you. If we did all that, shouldnt we deserve something in return?
  7. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    ok ok ok im lvl1, bronze 0-100000 and all other stuff whatever. So can you please post your screenshot with your diamond assassin? yes you said, sin is harder yet did not even gave one valid point why. All these points you made are not even worth considering. All ive read from you is that sin have 2 stuns, which magically can hold you for 10+ secs, you act like you know stuff so is it really that hard to show your diamond sin? I intend no insult or anything, its just that if your not a diamond sin...i mean even first timer in game with sin can get to plat easy so..
  8. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    that guy is hilarious. He have a KFM, but have no idea how skills work, have a sin, yet failed to prove atleast some points that its a hard class. Ive asked his screenshot with his diamond assassin, still waiting.
  9. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    Yeah, that guy have no idea what hes talking about.. KFM have 10 dazes? really? why not 20? Anyway, can you post your diamond sin rating please?
  10. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    ok, so you are saying that you have 2 stuns which lasts atleast 5 seconds each. A bit crazy dont you think? Once dazed, you can get out of it with F (retreat) skill. Yet when assassin dazes you, as you said, you cant use it. Again, kinda strange, no? Even web you have we can call it a stun (it does not work as stun, still you cant evade it nor counter it and only way to escape is tab). So now as i understand from your post, assassin cant stunlock me, yet for some odd reason they can. Some cheat then perhaps, no? Anyway i really suggest you to actually check your skills, see their descriptions and stuff. Becuz what you just said just contradicts with whats happening in arena. P.S. im not a destroyer and not silver. Anyway even mid-silver BM is more skilled than plat sin, so i dont see that as an argument at all. Edit: so if ur trolling these bronze destros i guess you cant even make it to gold; only silver and bronze can be matched with bronze ppl. Edit2: so u just listed your short stun cooldowns and then asking me to find them? 9 sec and 24 sec is really short. So, stealth, 5secs passed, attack, stealth again, 5 secs passed, attack. So already almost half of your 'BIG AND LONG' cooldown time passed and yet you havent even started to do anything. Thats super short cd. Even negligible to mention.
  11. my new tier list after feb10 patch

    my opinion: S )Summoner, assassin A+)Blade dancer A ) Destro, KFM A-)FM B-)Blade Master SUmmoner - well check forums Assassin - so easy to cheeese and abuse stealth, speed and teleports he have. Blade dancer - very easy to abuse - 3 charges then get back and wait for cds. Destro - people learning to play against them and they becoming not that op. KFM - people learned to play them and more and more people trying him. Still requires huge amount of time to learn him. FM - got boost but havent met yet really good ones. Blade master - i believe they are better but all those ive met as KFM where terrible. Still not many of them out there
  12. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    hmm you can evade it, so technically its counterable.
  13. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    silver? Nope, im not silver. 1. Ok daze. And no, u dont need to proc it, be stealthed or even face your target. Check your class. 2. Stuns are short, web is short and considering that most of the time ur in stealth its even shorter than supposed to be. Makes them spamable. 3. Yeah agree with that. Yet, combined with high speed, highest range, its easy to wait out CD of your TAB escape. 4. mm KFM and Destro are slowest classes in game. In certain conditions they can have increased speed, but not against sin. Not sure about Destro, but KFM does not have any uncounterable gap closers. Check your info. 5. 1k -2k+ per hit is really that bad? Spammable and easy to abuse. Oh and on top of that, who cares how much damage sin do? You can simply abuse him and win with time. Dunno if you are trying to mock me with that silver/bronze line or you think that you are some know-it-all guy, but even i see that most of stuff you commented shows that you dont know that much.
  14. KFM replacing Summoner as FOTM

    Yeah sin is hard. I mean its really super hard to stun from another side of map, do uncounterable damage which have no cd, wait out short cooldowns. I mean it requires real skill to play it. Also having many options does not help at all. Highest speed of all classes also gives more difficulties than any advantage. /sarcasm
  15. Should i be a summoner or a assassin?

    well dont believe what they say about assassin. Its one of easiest classes in game. Can solo all stuff with perma invisibility and is super easy in PvP. Now summoner is also very good at PvE, quite strong at PvP (2vs1, mid-high dmg). If your ping is good and you like sneaky gameplay go with sin. Otherwise go with summoner.