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  1. is Weapon Bundles Not bound to account?

    Once you open the pack, it becomes individual items in your rewards box. So you can take just your class weapon.
  2. The Pinnacle Earring and Ring problem

    Umm?? What?? I dunno, maybe it depends on your SS but with 5p Legendary SS I have 61% Crit already there us no way 1-2%~ crit from Pinnacle Necklace out weighs the higher AP and Piercing on Hm Necklace.. This statement may be true with less then legendary SS tho.
  3. You can buy premium with in-game currency in For Honor

    So I basically agree with the main argument. Yes, you should be able to buy premium with HMCoins. Won't argue the point or even lay out my reasons for agreeing. But.. Your comparing a MMORPG to a RPG with an online multiplayer mode. Your comparing F2P to purchase game+expansions marketing models, while they may have similarities these are very different. You just can't compare apples to oranges and ask for lemonade. You'd have much more solid points if you compared it to Rift or Skyforge or half dozen other F2P games. However you'll find most these games all have one thing in common. F2p players vs Whales! This model just doesn't work well in the west for this reason. F2p players want big wallets to be meaningless and big wallets want what they pay for. :) The "free" in F2P is just marketing hype, you should be willing to pay at least a small sum now and then and semi regularly to keep playing. If not you really don't have any right to voice complaints. Forum privileges should really be behind a paywall.
  4. Player Housing Please

    LOL please no Player Housing is always an end of life thing for MMO's. Every single time I've seen it, the end is Nye. Honestly theres really no point in housing. if you want to build and decorate go play Minecraft.
  5. accesories level up

    HM accessories are better then the drops. if you have them upgrade them. ^^ these ppl have obviously never compared them, each piece is well above the best drop "Pinnacle" AND you can salvage for 30 Legendary Jewels. Unfortunately new toons don't have this option, so definitely take advantage of the ones you have. That said it may be easier to use drops for now until you have money/levels to upgrade the HM's.
  6. Help for Sundered Nexus quest

    1st step: re-spec Shadow Build 2nd step: F8 3rd step: select Nexus 4th step: click LFP DONE! Honestly Do Not try this in Frost spec it will take you several runs. 1 kill in Shadow and you will have the chieve complete. You should learn Shadow anyway, it is alil more hectic then frost but over all does more DPS.
  7. Lil accessories

    Lil = Pinnacle White Knight = Lucent Happens all the time in this game. New items are often called 2 different names.
  8. The 600 AP Wall

    Supply Chain is a lvl45 dungeon, no ones going to care about your AP. Press F8 select BSC, click LFP. If its in the Daily Challenge it'll prolly pop quick and be a rush through affair. Keep hold of your Hm accessories but for now its prolly best to use dungeon drop Lucent accessories until you get upgraded some. Tormented/Lucent drop in Lair/Den/Necro 6m, again no one is going to care about your AP in 6 mans. Just hit the LFP button on days they are the DC there are bound to be 2-3 HM10+, doing this just to get it done. Honestly most ppl won't even look at your stats unless you severely foul up a mechanic. While in these pick up the SS that drop there especially Yeti, and use those. I know this because, my main is HM11 BM, on days these are DC and I don't want to bother advertising in F8 or waiting on someone else to, I just hit LFP and go. I'm never the only HM10+ in the group and these runs very rarely just totally fail. Don't be scared of the LFP button. On the occasion you get a total dick in the group that just wants to talk shit just ignore him.
  9. HM Earring Alternative?

    If you have an HM earring just upgrade it. Its still the best pre-legendary/elemental. If not dungeon drops as mentioned above, Lucent from Necro or Lair, can't remember which, Be-Ido from nexus, Pinnacle from Asura. If unable to get these you could grab a breeze from quest line or any mob in Beast Bog drops em.
  10. Are weapon skins 1 use?

    Not as of 2 weeks ago. They used to be tho so some may have missed the news.
  11. Currency Exchange needs a Fix

    May just be me, but seems your argument is backwards. Real money has real value and limited supply (for most folks), gold has no real value and is unlimited in supply. Also as said there's alot more Gold being generated in game then before, higher supply always equals lower value. The 1:5-1:7 Ncoin/Gold ratio is very high when compared to similar systems in other games. Rift for example, a REX = 1250 credits and is player tradeable, sales for 2500-3000 Plat (eu its gets upto 4k or more) so its 2:1 at minimum. Of course in game money in Rift is alot easier to make and less useful then in BnS and REX are a fixed credit value so its not a direct comparison. I doubt BnS will ever reverse values like this.
  12. 64 Bit client = 30Gb+?

    Current client is about 248MB so 64b should close to the same. When they accidentally pushed it a couple weeks ago I only launched it once. I didn't see much improvement in performance. But then my performance isn't bad now. /shrug
  13. Heavy metal box?

    Its the weapon Box from buying the Founders Pack. It was re-issued as a by your leave courtesy since they've changed weapon skin mechanics some. Weapons were ugly back then, and continue to be ugly..:L
  14. True Oathbreaker Breakthrough Wrong Price

    Its case of Apples vs Green Apples... Ring/Necklace/Earring and Bracelet/Belt have slightly different upgrade costs. Bracelet/belt are a tad cheaper early on. Might be because you get these slots last? /shrug I dunno but noticed it when upgrading accessories on my Warlock
  15. Remove mechanics skipping with damage

    That would work! Annoying but works. OK Boss is immune, lets kick back wait for that mechanic.. Cause ya know everyone loves sitting around waiting for things in dungeons. Along that line can someone buy Hae Mujin premium? That guy takes forever to regenerate his chi.
  16. Remove mechanics skipping with damage

    My question is... How would this work? I invision 2 scenarios. 1st.. mechanics happen regardless of DPS.. So now a party of 6x whales go in. mechanics are happening so fast CD's don't have time to reset and ... WIPE ahh Man we got so much DPS winning is impossible!so 3x whales need to group with 3x very under geared people to beat the encounter. or 2nd.. So that mechanics can happen at a reasonable pace, DPS is capped at X, no matter what your gear is. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤! Why the hell did I spend so much time or money getting this damn gear if it doesn't mean shit!!!!! Is there a 3rd option that would make this actually feasible?
  17. The 2 combo is prolly the best for what ya got but the 1st would be a close match. Rreally looks like you need to upgrade your accessories more tho, accuracy and piercing are very low. At this level you may get more mileage from 8x twisted or 5 twisted/3 Ido for basic Silverfrost purple dungeons you'd do better. The leg bonus is tempting but w/o the acc and piercing from max accessories they won't do much for ya. Really tho anything less then 5p leg won't add up well against other SS available.
  18. Merchent actually coded in?

    25s for a Moonstone. Good deal!
  19. PSA - Frozen Firing Range

    I have never been in a grp that failed to get all 6 chests. I do them fairly early tho 10am-11am server time, not many trolls on around then. But question, does a damaged chest give same rewards as a fully undamaged 1? or does any damage to the chest reduce rewards? rewards I've seen so far are pretty mediocre, some pots, flakes and naryu tablets.
  20. Can't get rid of certain costumes...

    mm buy 1 month of prem, put them in wardrobe and forget about them? It is odd there is no way to trash them.
  21. Ya, alil, maybe? not much really, his CPU is newer then yours but not that much better considering this game won't gain much from the 8 cores vs 2 cores. His memory is most likely faster so may gain some performance there. How economical? you could do a budget build i5+MB and ram for $400~ then get new vid card and SSD/HDD later USD i5's run around $200, $100~ MB, $60-80~ for memory. May need a new PSU depending on whats in your boxes. Cases haven't changed much in 15years or so, so nothing to worry bout there unless you go with super small MB your case may not have the mounts. Once you get over the Hump of new CPU+MB+RAM the rest can be pieced together cheaply over time.
  22. Not sure you understand this yourself. This only works if you pick up the fast rifle that does low damage, if you pick up the big grenade launcher you gotta stand still for 2.5 then strafe..:L
  23. Pretty sure OP is referring to the 4 rows in the main bank space that are not unlockable in anyway yet and not part of any current Achievement.
  24. Gem Transmuting Question

    They seemed to have fixed the Square gems that could not be transmuted, all except 1 blue one work now. The blue with +20 something can't remember now still cannot be used. There is an oddity where some combinations just won''t transmute, the wheel just stops and nothing happens over and over. Transmuting Brilliant Hex's still only give a green quality gem most of the time tho. It takes a very very long time to get enough gems to do a Brilliant Hex transmutation. Then it just utterly fails and eats 2/3's of your work. This isn't acceptable spending an hour or more clicking over and over, just to have it fail this way. Failure is fine let it eat my gold, but leave the dang gems!
  25. There is a guaranteed easy and free way to obtain this book. Its sold by the Cold Storage vendor for 120 Frozen orbs. 1 Run of CS nets between 3-5 ave to 10 or so possible orbs. Run CS once a Day for 10-20 days. Buy the Book! No cash involved, minimal rng.