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  1. Hello, The Version 9 of B&S is crashing my PC ( complete shutdown ) and on the rare instance that the game loads its gets disconnected on Load screen. I was able to play without any problems till version 9. Anyone else have the same issue?
  2. Hello, I'm new to the mmo genre and am hoping someone could explain how the key and Box system works in detail in B&S. I understand it's basically 1key for 1box but ... How many types of keys and boxes are there? Are any keys multi use? Can the same key used on multiple types of boxes? Where are keys available? etc ....
  3. Please translate the text on Wheel of Fortunes. I don't know what I'm rolling for!
  4. [Read First] Closed Beta FAQ

    Applying the codes gave me 2,400 nccoins if I spend these in the closed beta do I get them refunded on game launch?
  5. Borderless Windowed Mode

    It would be great if the game had a Borderless Windowed Mode.
  6. Hello, Are there any add ons for blade and soul? If yes where can I find them and install them? Is there any chance B&S could be added to curse like wildstar was?