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  1. Skill Expansion Ticket a bit op? (Not QQ)

    Looking at the price comparison, I do agree that if they have priced characters slots at 400, then it is quite weird to have the slot going for more than that. Especially when we can simply just manually change our skills pre-match in Arena PvP. Useless response from me, I know, but a good point right der.
  2. Ah, good to know. I do admit that is quite silly. Perhaps it is to avoid a sticky situation where a person gets their account stolen by some crazed being who then deletes all of said account's characters?
  3. wait. I'm making sure I'm understanding the issue here. You want to delete a character and make a new one right? The process should take about 5 minutes. I have made and deleted a few characters in the past few days. Just from the character log-in screen, click Delete Character - Type Delete, wait for 5 minutes, and then it will mysteriously vanish. edit: I don't know if there are other circumestnances, but as for me, I have never heard of a 7-days waiting period.
  4. A lot of people have been having lag/dc problems lately. As Enhance said, if you are logged into your original account, I can't imagine you are banned.
  5. Stop complaining about getting ganged in OPEN PVP

    It definitely hurts getting destroyed out of nowhere, but I do have a suggestion that worked for me when I just felt like finishing the irst few faction quests. Switch to a channel where the population is lower. Generally it's really only Channel 1 or 2 that have all the people going at it. There might be one or two, but it's easier to avoid other players that way. edit: I feel like I quoted the wrong post. It's cool. I do that.
  6. Skill Expansion Ticket a bit op? (Not QQ)

    I want to note, that in most games, $10 for a skill page is quite normal. Think about it like League of Legends, with its rune pages. Each rune page goes for... iirc 1300 RP (I could be wrong about that) which is either $10 or a little more than $10. It is simply convenient being able to switch between skills. That being said, I think that if you are strictly pve, then don't bother getting the skill page. You won't need it. The extra skill pages, imo, are for pvp in the case where you need to utilize a different strategy for facing a different class. I also don't want to get into this, but people QQ'ing about prices. Tell me, do you have ANY idea how much it costs to house a large amount of servers, on top of licensing costs? Because it's expensive. Extremely expensive. NCSOFT workers are not all going back home in Lamboghinis. *Edit: One annoying word.
  7. The only way paying players have an advantage over ftp players in Arena PvP is that they can get to the point where they can PvP a lot quicker. That's it. Most of whatever you need in the game for PvP comes relatively easily. It may take time, but that's what happens. Instead of paying money, you are paying with time, plain and simple. I don't get why people think Paying players shouldn't have advantages over ftp players. Servers are horribly expensive, even moreso in the past couple of years. If there weren't great benefits for paying palyers, a lot less people would pay for it. if there are hoards of ftp players, and very few paying players, then paying for the servers to house them becomes impossible. The company doesn't magically get the resources to keep the game running. People shold not be proud to be ftp players and complain about the benefits paying players have, especially when such benefits do not include super awsum ways to murder you (like in Maple Story and other real ptw mmos). You are literally costing them money, and giving nothing in return.
  8. NCSoft auto refunds, Hime asked to wait and...

    Ah gotcha. Wasn't trying to take away from the point because it's definitely something people on the forum need to understand.
  9. NCSoft auto refunds, Hime asked to wait and...

    I absolutely agree with this, however, since OP didn't actually refund herself, and it was an auto-thing, this is a different problem. That being said, people are talknig like refunds getting people banned is a new thing. Most gaming companies, or companies tht provide online services do this. If you DO ask for a refund from your bank, you are asking to get banned. It's not only taxing due to the aforementioned reasons, it is also relatively time consuming for all parties involved, except you. You are literally wasting their time AND taking money. You are potentially causing them to lose service with a bank or transaction company.