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  1. BeK

    gun class

    Gon Gunner? Seems a little cheesy to me. Gon's are to massive and diesel to be hiding behind the likes of a gun...?
  2. It does kinda look like her. Not bad.
  3. How EXACTLY is this 64bit client going to improve the games visuals/performance? Will there be patch notes that will get into precise detail regarding the 64bits improvement over the 32bit?
  4. I still think it's cool that people who want to make fat characters at least have the option though. The more robust the character creation tool is, the better in my opinion.
  5. Love the look of your character and I also would like to know what weapon skin that is.
  6. Where can I find this dope outfit? :-)
  7. The ditzy twins are in Bloodshade I believe. They also drop the wig as well if I'm not mistaken. It's been awhile since I ran it as I've given up farming it.
  8. I'm jelly :-( but I still happy for you :-) I've killed those stupid twin bimbo NPC's countless times to no avail...
  9. So you're a female IRL I take it?
  10. Must be the guy with the Raiden hat I guess. Thanks!
  11. Which boss exactly in arena does this outfit actually drop off?
  12. These are great actually. Two of the best I've seen thus far.
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