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  1. gun class

    Gon Gunner? Seems a little cheesy to me. Gon's are to massive and diesel to be hiding behind the likes of a gun...😉
  2. [Preset] Selena Gomez

    It does kinda look like her. Not bad.
  3. 64bit client

    How EXACTLY is this 64bit client going to improve the games visuals/performance? Will there be patch notes that will get into precise detail regarding the 64bits improvement over the 32bit?
  4. Gunner Class Race?

    Anytime frame as to when the class will be released for NA?
  5. What races are going to be able to choose Gunner Class when it's released?
  6. I am currently using a GTX-970 and running the 373.06 version of the GeForce Driver. Do you think this has anything to do with it?
  7. Ladymanako you sound like a total sweetheart. I appreciate your humility and willingness to take the time out to help out a fellow player. It's people like you that make this community a better place. Please keep up the positive attitude .
  8. What is this item for?

    It is used as a crafting agent for certain foods and/or potions. I would just stick it in your bank if I were you .
  9. Store outfits 10/5/2016

    I would love to see what these Samurai and Spellbinder outfits looked like.
  10. Suggestion: Improve Marketplace

    The OP post just makes sense. Make this happen NCSoft.
  11. Normal stance animation change

    I have always thought the Gon female stance was stupid looking to be honest. I wouldn't mind this feature at all.
  12. "Black Army" Outfit

    This outfit is hideous and looks nothing like the original Black Army outfit. #ShameOnNCSoft
  13. "Black Army" Outfit

    We did? Where can it be found?
  14. Merry Potters Uniform

    I would love to see what this outfit looks like.