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  1. @Hime I know it is the result of hard work but finally ncsoft reached its goal. I will login only for raid contant in the future. Obviolusly I also cancelled my subscripction and I wont renew it ever again. Stealing items from my storage was the last straw for me. Killing a game within a few months will be a good reference if u start searching for a new job. Cannot wait for additional notification in connection with pet pods. I highly doubt that the community would believe anything after this $hitstorm. Mark tickets as solved ones! This is how you fix problems. If you hav
  2. I'm really proud of you guys. Once in the life you did your job well . Got back random outfits and immersive 905 gold from transmuting? Good to know u can divide it by 10. Let's clerify your totally ****** up solution. Have I made 90,5 pet pod based on your log but u removed 450-600 from my account meanwhile others can enjoy their maxed out pet and talisman? @Hime guess I wont get any answer again. You defenetly have sense how to make the worst marketing step by step. My loss is still between 35.095g and 53.095g
  3. Why should we respect the game if ncsoft, ncwest doesnt give a ***** about customers. Have u sensed any performance improvement because I dont. Game is playable because of 3rd party programs :D That is the sad truth about the game.
  4. Partly i understand your opinion but what kind of stolen items are u talking about? I bought them from F5 or from other players and i used my own Soulstone... You should check their announcement in connection with the expoit. They didnt say anything like: Hey, stop buying pets from the market or even transmuting pets because we will remove everything from your account. Should have I checked if that pet on the market from exploit or from legal way? As far as I know there no option for that. I don't mind if I loose 30 pet pod because it would be understandable. I have been playing the gam
  5. @HimeHopefully this is just a bad joke. Here is my personal result from Moontide Outfit Exploit - got around 30 pets before u made announcement on forum( yes i still had some chest in my inventory but i didnt even touch it because i wanted to avoid this shitstrom) - bought many pet, pet pod from f5 or from other players - you removed from my account around 450-600 Pet Pods Lets calculate the cost of making 1 pet pod: -pet: average 20g -10 ss: 50-60g -gold cost from transmuting: 10g Are u planning to give me back 4.500-6.000g instead of 36.000-54.000g? If it is true ba
  6. @SayhaSeerFirst of all I attachted this picture when i "asked" their help. But they weren't able to determine that I was in the raid. Therefore i have created this topic in the morning.
  7. Do not worry, we are in good hands. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/249807-you-dont-need-enemies-if-u-play-bs/
  8. Carlo (Blade and Soul) Aug 20, 2020, 4:16 PM PDT Hi there, Upon investigating our logs, I'm unable to determine that your character Mepaf entered the Steelbeaker dungeon. If you are referring to a different character, please let us know so that we can further investigate your concern. Once we receive your response, we will immediately investigate it and will come back to you with more information. We'll wait for your response. Here is my response:
  9. Personally i lost around 40k gold because i bought many pet pods and pets from f5 or other players. I also lost 6-8k soulstones. I could have sold those for 35-45k gold (price was around 5,5-6g/ea) instead of crafting additional pet pods. I didnt upgrade my pet or talisman meanwhile others got huge advantage from it (f11 rankings, raids, etc..). I also used the NPC before the forum notice came up and i saw it but i got like 30 pet from it. I would not say anything if u remove 30 pods based on your forum announcement, but dont steal 600 pods from my storage. People who have maxed out pet and t
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