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  1. Once again, you're spouting bullshit. It's not some "random ass" quests when it comes to main storyline. Once again, I suggest you to read the whole threads before posting shit. Plus, this is not a translation, this is a westernization with some (a lot of) censorship.
  2. Opinion piece on common forum topics

    Well, I don't really what I am, I leave that judging job to others. And everyone are nothing, no matter their status. I do agree with some points of the OP, but I'll never stand the censorship. Plus, the analogy between movie tickets and the founder items is pointless. The characters belong to ourselves, it's normal to recover the founders items on each characters
  3. Opinion piece on common forum topics

    1 - Who the hell are you ? 2 - This silly quest isn't sole thing being changed/censored. My two cents.
  4. Nope, there isn't. Censorship is still censorship, even if it is a self-censorship
  5. The hell are you spouting ? All of these last posts of you just reminded me how a human can mix both ignorance and stupidity. The game came up with a translation, the writers change this translation to suit their own tastes sweeping away all references that didn't please them. From this point there is, censorship. You're just sticking at posting bullshit without reading the threads, please shut up.
  6. Played on the Russian private server for five months
  7. Future classes, including healers?

    Every healers I saw in the MMO I played (Tera, Aion, Flyff, Rappelz), plays the class in a DPS way and not just for healing No thanks, we don't need healers on Blade & Soul. It would just ruins the game balance ...
  8. What did you do to the story? (spoilers)

    Better ? You're kidding right ?
  9. No matter if there will be a mod, what was made is definitively a shame. The localization team changed many parts of quests, stories and even character personas just in a try to please some people with a certain agenda. Disgusting. Please, this is a M-rated game, treat us like the matured persons we are !
  10. /!\ The topic is drifting ! The topic is drifting /!\
  11. Not only this side quest, I suggest you to read the whole thread instead of saying bullshit.
  12. There's quotations marks around "westernization", did you came up with the idea I didn't speak about the censorship ? It's censored and for this very reason, I support the OP. Censorship isn't a solution, no matter what. Whatever something would hurt some people with a certain agenda.
  13. The point of the topic is the shitty "westernization". What the OP does, I truly don't care.
  14. Enough with your "emotions" shitloads, Zy. Keep sticking at "chupa chupa" the writers would you ? Emotions retains people from what they should do right, only rational logic keeps pushing them forward. And the very exemple is the point of the topic, the writers issued the fact with their feelings and not logic, leading to this stupid flame war.