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  1. It's alright everyone has "forgotten" everything so I would not count it against you. "And I repeat, What the heck are you talking about? That has no relevance to the new skill system, that gear was here long before the skill changes and has already catered (end-game) players into one of the two elements. It is no different from before the skill system changed" <- the very reason this patch happened because some "smarter" people can be creative and being creative is always bad.
  2. you didn't know because you didn't read what I wrote earlier, instead you are misleading people again that there aren't many changes, there is tons and I'm only listing what I can remember. You don't understand because you choose to not understand. In the near future most would have a very inflexible gear since what buffs air will not buff fire. Once people start focusing on a single element they will be stuck to that element or work for the other one as well. In other scenarios some people will often encounter gears not of the element they wanna play but end up taking and playing with
  3. @Yndril you forgot that shadow wrath trigger whenever you gain "willpower" also when extending willpower. - in old destroyer patch. You forgot to say that blade master retained all the skills that would be considered "lightning" skills this is the same for blade dancer. You also forgot to say "Sin in pve got buffed overall." You also forgot to say that soon even the last 2 choices we can make will be gone. There is only 2 things that can happen to you now its either be stuck on the element of your choosing or be stuck on an element not of your choosing. Generally for
  4. who are you to tell them how they should play, hmmm? so you just wanna force your own ways into other people.
  5. ^ in conclusion those who loves current skill system loves lazing around and not thinking. ^ what the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ are you talking about most skills are locked to lvl 45 now that used to be lvl 20 skills. idk if you meant your only half baked potato.
  6. becoming a potato is quiet convenient, won't have to worry about sentient thoughts. is always nice to be lazy, because that is how you get good. btw there is skill expansion thing for a reason.
  7. ^ back then it takes brain, now it doesn't (slow clap). its always nice to not ever think, its just like becoming a potato or something.
  8. ^ who needs defense? git gud.(or get a pet and leg belt)
  9. definitely assassin because dest is nerfed beyond recognition(applies to many other). IMO not worth playing anymore.
  10. That is not a bad decision its deliberately done for that purpose; the game only wants potatoes. They only want those who has no mind of their own and just follow the mainstream stuff. xD rich gets richer game allowed them to dominate now meaning they are richer and that only meant that they can afford emperor but those who went pvp path won't; you see where I'm going with this? This game has gone beyond stupid it transcended stupid long before I noticed.
  11. the ones who have raven right now will also have emperor weapon because of that? =S Emperor is dumb, it's more like a troll weapon thanks for reminding me that emperor sucks.
  12. Most people I know also went and quit after getting max gear of the time, so I don't know what this "your sure not to quit at lvl 50" ~,~ (if its not a fact that 2/3 of my fl is gone and quit players with decent gears even for the current content I'd go and shoot myself) In my opinion people stay because most aspect of the game are still somewhat challenging to them. It's not about churning new content but making sure old content has "fun" re-playable aspects in it. Making contents outdated is the fastest way to get people quiting since not everyone likes new content.
  13. Boooo! to new system. old system 100%. -> shadow dest gets 3 sec wrath for stacking will power on old system, in new system everything is shit! <- nerfed combo destroyer(old shadow) because its good. KFM will never fully realize its potential (greatest disaster of the year). BM Got lots of love again~ I play bm too but it's absurd no lost of nothing for more dps wtf is this? kfm can't double stun(excluding kick which is a reflex skill) without losing tremor so how is this fair? I say remove all bm cc if you are using fire build. =) make it fair! They say it didn't gat
  14. heh? so the weapon you gain from actually doing battleground is worthless in battleground sounds fair. Great those who did battle ground and farmed it should go do pve barred in a "small army required" dungeon. You know back when its just the 3 types of legendary having a legendary weapon didn't mean sure win.
  15. KFM class runs around in 100% crit rate nearly 100% of the time the crit rate stat is irrelevant to the class thus element damage if lower is also irrelevant. This is why galaxy is better than legendary weapons on past versions since they proc only once in a while, now it seems they proc on every 3 hits (game has gone dumb). In the future they say everyone will have 100% crit rate to make it "fair" removing whats unique on the kfm class(true meaning of communism). Truth also is that they nerf many things on a class then add it into an item you have to farm then put it as update. <- tri
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