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  1. That is true they are not going to nerf and/or buff classes.... is true some class are OverPOWER but not in all... you have to train in this game and became a master :)
  2. I freaking hate this game

    You have bad luck... that is all :v

    Are you ok? Looks painful :v

    In the original server the NPC that give you the blue quest, they speak to you like the yellow quest.... why NCsoft USA, why are you so lazy in that are you going make a harakiri like Islim because you didnt finish the work of a nice game with a good history... P.S: the english actors are meh...

    ----SPOILER ALERT---- When you finish the Act 3 and Islim betray us, he commit harakiri before the fiends come to him..... that part of the scene was deleted :v NCsoft from USA... Oh look is GORE ok cut the scene... really the game is rated M DONT CHANGE THE HISTORY just translate exactly as the original
  6. We Need A Barbershop

    that would be nice change the color and style spending only gold, but I think this think is not going to happen in this type of game
  7. Pay2win or not, opinions?

  8. Ummm tal vez si se llegase a ver el juego un buen pronostico por america latina porque hay mas habla hispana que la misma españa en si, pero se vera si para NCsoft le es conveniente financieramente al menos traducir el texto que es mas sencillo que buscar actores de voz. Por ultimo aprenda ingles que es facil :v es el idioma mas facil de aprender :v
  9. TRUE 2 more slots you are missing the Soul Fighter class
  10. Fixing the wardrobe [Suggestion]

    Blade & Soul from asia the wardrobe is free :v
  11. What's with these costume prices?

    +10 give him a BIG cold beer plz xD
  12. Back to School

    THA #@!*& xD why the males are using females outfit xD.... anyway is true in the betas was the other oufit I think it was black right?
  13. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    How NCsoft in Korea the main office deal with this xD, they solve it or they have the same problem remember this NCsoft in america is just an extension :v
  14. +10 That is true if Blizzard can, why NCsoft cant :v it doesnt have sense...