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  1. Well said, Merlin. Great analogy and reasoning.
  2. Losing interest. Considerations about it

    I and many people played with me in the past felt the same way and almost all of them had stopped playing. Everything you wrote has been felt by anyone who play this game for a period of time. Some of them tried to ignore them but eventually it will wear them out. NC is killing itself with the direction they are heading.
  3. Blackram Merchant of Wonders Octa gems

    I saw it once. 350 gold each.
  4. Windows 10 Framerate fix

    I reinstalled my Windows 10 a couple of months ago due to motherboard upgrade. Since then, I kept having crashes everyday, and the experience inside the game was kind of sluggish, unlike before. I am glad that I read about this, as I just installed the Directx 9c earlier today, now things are much smoother, and no crash! Thank you.
  5. So true. It is up to you whether you will take the bait or not. NC has to continue adding more complexities and cater to the hard cores and keep making this a job that will compete with your real life. And no, this is not an entertainment.
  6. On vacation, skipping event since it started
  7. No point in grinding or playing

    +100 ^^
  8. No point in grinding or playing

    Agree with all that has been said. Played since beta. Now just taking a break.
  9. 17/10/18 Blade and Ghoul Event

    Go vacation...
  10. Premium Transformation Stone Success Rate?

    I tried about 40 times in 3 months. Got about 13. I used to get around 50% chance before the June patch. I think they ninja nerfed it. Now I just buy PTS and sell the materials
  11. After I read about this event I did not even try. Skip and went vacation.
  12. Why ppl don't help new players?

    I have played since beta and I have 10 Alts. I feel the same way like you each time I roll out a character. What @Sa1loR JaRRy said is true and his suggestions is good. 1. Let the party know that you are new. 2. Listen to the experienced players 3. Try to brush up on the mechs of a new dungeon before you run. I myself mostly just do lfp and help new played do dungeons. Sometime I intentionally post group without requirements to help new players. Do not pay attention to some posters here who actually are trolls and he/she always have a point of view that everyone who post a frustration is just a crybaby. They always make the same reply post in the forum whenever someone vent something here.
  13. The serious problem with endgame raids

    Thank you for sounding the thought that I have had for a long time. Well written. The other issue that I also see is how NCsoft have ran out of ideas on how to make more new content. The mechanics have been getting ridiculous that I don't feel like even learning anymore. The game is not entertaining anymore, it has become harder than studying for your exams. But I get that they don't have much options but to keep making things more complicated and ridiculous. Now I just put this game in the back burner and see how things play out. BNS won't die, but they will bleed out players. Unless they can change course in many areas, things will continue to head south for the foreseeable future.

    Agree. I stopped giving NCSoft my money since the last premium change. They just won't stop to disappoint.
  15. Excellent point. You nailed it!