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  1. I know that it is very difficult to balance MMOs properly. I get it, one simple change in our world takes millions within a designers. Not to mention players who lose their edge get butthurt and players that don't ever gain one quit. Well one thing is different in this game that stands out from most. There are so many different leader boards that entail very different aspects of the game. When you see that one particular class has never been within the top 10 or 50 in some, perhaps a bit of investigating is should be required. Don't let your players see that common sense baffles you at every t
  2. So after reading the patch notes I see every class that had a change got a buff and FMs who are doing the most poorly of any class (rankings) get nerfed. Where was the foresight in trying to find balance to a situation that clearly needed to go in the other direction? Every ranged class has a basic attack (focus gainer) that pierces parry/defense except FMs. Sure if you dont like our healing nerf it but don't cripple the class little by little without fixing a single issue that mattered. Having our restraint skill attached to "3" was the last dumb thing they did now this
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