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  1. not a troll just telling you what they said in a stream.... don't be ignorant
  2. won't be till mid/late summer so chill
  3. you know you can get everything in game just by doing dailies and crap right? I can make almost 200g a day if I really feel like doing 3v3s.... heck you can make 40g just by doing the dailies.... if you feel like you have to use a cc than that is your own problem
  4. ummm maybe they use the witch/fairy logic since some fairies/witches can only be female (in certain fairytales) the mothers would only keep the female offspring, and kill the males. So I assume the same would work here they can take a human male suitor, but only the female offspring will obtain the Yun traits.
  5. That would be great if explaining worked..... "hey warlock don't use sb on mujin till 75%" -used sb at 90% "hey dude when you have the debuff from thrasher go into the water" -dies from howl every time "hey on the twins it's easier if you keep them near the same %" -everyone goes to one of them only... "hey on the yeti make sure you have iframes ready at each of these %s" -all the nubs died "hey on the undead dungeon make are we all split up"- everyone stays at the bottom "hey on the queen make sure you use a iframe followed by a quick ss" -still dies.....
  6. nah you find groups fairly quick at 450 since it is not a high AP rating anyways. The point of requesting higher AP (than 400 or 300) is to clear the dungeon in a quick manner. Most of the time it's just for a daily. With high AP groups, and no combat glitch I can clear it in 10min or less than move on to a dungeon that I want something from. (it's basically for meant for time which is why they usually say something like +450 speed run)
  7. You forgot the word "pug" before they come back and say "Well my clan and I did that and we had less than 400 AP -snaps-"
  8. I think the whole point went right over your head lol, because you missed it by a mile XD lets say we have two crappy crappy players now one has a very low low AP rating while the other crappy player has a high AP rating. Now keeping in mind that both players are equally crappy which will do more damage while it's alive, also which will have better def/hp on there gear to help keep this crappy person alive? Higher AP=better survivability (meaning because their gear is higher it also comes with better def stats) I personally really do not care about what you can do
  9. I'm pretty sure most do know that you can and use the search for a dungeon button...... Seeing as I have seen a wide range of lvls hit that button for any dungeon
  10. once again you do know you do not have to join their parties right????????? You can hit a random button/run with a clan/make your own party maybe you are confused......the people shouting to make a party are not the only ones you can join. I promise there are other ways to join...
  11. oh and forgot to say he unlike 80% of the population is skilled in his class. Higher AP means higher survivability chances for a crap player vs a crap player with low AP. (see how I said they are both crap players? AP does not determine your "skill", but it does help the chances) Now in my clan I have a very low AP clan mate, and we take him with us on all the dungeons just because we personally know he is a decent player that knows his class, but would I take any random low AP player? Nope.. correction I would take any low AP player to the yeti
  12. than don't join those parties that are shouting for a certain AP requirement.. you can instead 1. Shout to make a party with the AP requirement you like 2. Hit the random party button You do not have to join theirs to run the dungeon...
  13. In the future buy a code from amazon. It will save a ton of headache
  14. I'm happy that I was able to mail my V-day outfit 365 prem outfit white sunglasses I was iffy if the 365 outfit would work, but thankfully it did in case anyone was wondering.
  15. I love the 3rd one down from your first post. Is there any way you can share it? I think it's a gon but could be a jin
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