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  1. F2 has not been updating for several people for a few days not can we fix this? Not sure if it's certain people for everyone.
  2. not a troll just telling you what they said in a stream.... don't be ignorant
  3. huh? what the heck are you talking about lol? This was directed towards the OP for his 1st page comments about his sources... not sure what you are trying to say. You took a wrong turn somewhere :P
  4. wow yeah that would suck : / happened to me sorta... but for BsH wig... I said forget it and bought it for the 100g+HQ.. was not running that crap 100 more times
  5. won't be till mid/late summer so chill
  6. A. It's a pug run everyone ran it so everyone can bid (please run with friends or a clan if you want certain items) B. People use them for elements I have ran bsh when the skills drop several times, and everyone always throws the biggest fit when I bid on the skill... sorry hun but I don't know you and I'm not playing the game to miss out on easy reselling gold.
  7. @Hatsunya You do know that AH is composed of every server on NA and same for EU... So prices are the same..... Unless you buy them off someone, and they give you a tiny discount for not having to pay a AH fee.... other than that it is the same
  8. 1st and 3rds are mods 1st I know you can DL now as there are a lot out there.. just you will be the only one to see it 3rd is just a mod off the PoH one
  9. you know you don't have to do 3v3 if the interferes bug you that much...
  10. it's 15.987665% bots please don't ask me about my source just look on reddit...
  11. yeah I agree it is a horrible arrangement all around.
  12. only thing they can do is fix w/e the current hack/glitch is... but just like in any game someone will always come up with a new hack/glitch so best thing you can do is report it, and hope they can fix it without having to get permission or wait for a patch from the owners of the game.
  13. just press U than go down the list and pick ones you know you can do. I did that and went from 500 to 1150 in a day
  14. you know you can get everything in game just by doing dailies and crap right? I can make almost 200g a day if I really feel like doing 3v3s.... heck you can make 40g just by doing the dailies.... if you feel like you have to use a cc than that is your own problem
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