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  1. ummm maybe they use the witch/fairy logic since some fairies/witches can only be female (in certain fairytales) the mothers would only keep the female offspring, and kill the males. So I assume the same would work here they can take a human male suitor, but only the female offspring will obtain the Yun traits.
  2. In the future buy a code from amazon. It will save a ton of headache
  3. Hey you again! I love the top one! she is perfect!
  4. Here is my current line up VERY SHORT GON My lovely Lyn My Future Warlock Jin Will be willing to share just let me know!
  5. Here is my char with her fancy wig and the V-day outfit AND no she does not have chicken legs like a lot of the lyns!!! Without her fance Wig
  6. Hunny I played WoW (which cost $25 per mount $10-15 for a pet), Archeage (RNG box central), 12sky (they love RNG as well) and so many more soooooo when it comes to $15 for a outfit that I will for sure get I have no issue lol, but than again I have a very nice entertainment fund. later cheap one
  7. Just another cry baby who doesn't understand a business or a weeb who needs to get off on watching their char prance around in a tiny outfit but doesn't have the budget for said outfit
  8. You know that game will have in game purchases as well right? People like money do you catch my drift? Next time your A/C or Heater breaks down and they quote you a couple hundred to fix it just remember the parts are CHEAP. Next time you go to the doctor remember the medical supplies (if they have a good dealer) cost hardly nothing (that 10k surgery you are billed for only cost them about 1.5k-2.5k at the most) Next time you go and buy that new phone or TV that the parts are 70% markup Next time you go out to eat just remember that whole sale food from whatever
  9. Stop being stupid and not thinking they are in it to break even or to give you free entertainment... You do not NEED the costumes so why are you crying about it? Just don't buy the crap it's really that easy I promise... There are a TON of costumes in game....heck people don't even give a crap on what you have on anyways unless your wanting them to be like "OMG do you see what that person is wearing OMG I'm so Jealous OMG OMG they are so cool!!" When I walk in a store and see something I would LOVE, but than I see the price my reaction is WOAH I don't need
  10. Well seeing as you have to have a degree to work there I'm sure they get paid more than enough... Bills to run a company are NOT cheap Also they have a certain profit margin soooooo duhhhh they are not just trying to break even...Also I'm sure the contract to get this game was NOT cheap nor was it cheap to keep their lawyers on a salary to obtain this contract.. nor was it cheap to translate it... nor is it cheap to hire US citizens... nor is it cheap to have a EU server and pay people to maintain it over there... Nor is it cheap to even run a server Example I have
  11. Only thing this doesn't require is transportation... You have to pay people to mess with it deal with tickets and other billing issues, pay people to run the game since this is how they are making their money, pay bills on each property to house all your employees who are running this deal, pay to use the game under contract, pay to house the servers or pay rent on them if you do not own them. Come on now that was just dumb... can't afford it don't get it.. trust me no one gives a crap what you wear in game... you can play the game without every spending a dime
  12. They offer refunds as they have offered it to me they also offered it to anyone that bought a founder pack until the game came out... (also most dealerships do NOT offer refunds after you take it off the lot lol) Buying a car was a metaphor.. meaning if you don't have the money to buy the 100k than don't lol... same goes with pixels if you don't have the money to buy it than don't it's really that simple... you do not NEED to dress your pixel baby up in whatever crap they sell to play the game... Here's an easy example for ya Some people can afford to go out to eat
  13. It's a business soooo duhhh they are greedy... What do you do when you walk into a super market scream at them and say I refuse to buy my items here until you lower the price!...? or when you go buy a new car do you just throw a fit and cry saying omg! the car is NOT worth that much..... or do you just buy items that are in your means and go on with life? Don't agree with the price than don't buy it and move on either by playing the game as f2p or quit.. it's really that simple... everyone has a different amount they are willing to spend on anything so yes some pe
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